Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Seven Billion {WriterlyWednesday}

{this is an abbreviated version of a song I wrote two days ago}
"Seven Billion"
By Leah K. Oxendine
Coffee brown skies, and coal black sidewalks,
Yellow taxi-cabs racing down the street.
Millions of people brushing past me,
And I forget whether I’m coming or going.
Welcome to New York City, welcome to a hurting land.
The neon lights are burning bright, but
They can’t hide the darkness thriving here.

Seven billion people on planet earth,
Seven billion lives of incredible worth
Seven billion souls in this world, and how many of seven billion have truly heard?
How many lives have been touched?
By hands reaching out, spreading God’s Holy Word?
How many souls have been told the Good News?
And how they can be saved from hell and what Jesus can do?
Seven billion, that’s a pretty huge number,
 but the Lord made us all incredibly unique and special.
As children of God, we’ve been given a task,
to spread the gospel to as many as we can.
Towering pine trees and fields of green,
prettiest landscape that I ever did see.
Horse farms scattered all across the county,
rolling down the road, pick-up trucks and dualees.
Welcome to Fairfield Florida, welcome to a needy land
The stars, they shine in the clear night sky, but they can’t hide the darkness dwelling here.
What are we doing, sitting here;
drowning in the waters of our own fears?
Why do we worry, what others think?
Why do we let that worry stop us from witnessing?
Why do we worry about others’ thoughts?
When we step outside our comfort zones we step into God’s.
I stayed up till' 4 in the morning to write that. O_O Scary, right? Well, when God gives you inspiration, you can't just dump it because of what time of day it is.
I'm pretty pleased with it. Maybe one of these days I'll stop being lazy and try to record it somehow so you can hear it. I wrote it mainly with intentions of using it in our church band, so if you REALLY wanna hear it you just need to come to our church sometime! XD
Apologies for not posting anything lately. Life is hectic as always and I've been trying to cut how much time I spend on the computer so I can spend more time with my family, God, and instruments. :D I am planning to post something for FabHealthFriday this week however, about natural deodorants! How exciting, no? Heheh.
Have a blessed day! What's new with y'all this week? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Beautiful song Leah! Maybe you could record it sometime and put it on YouTube? :) I can't wait to read your post on deodorants! We have been struggling lately with what deodorants we choose because of all the aluminium in them......I would love to hear about more natural ones!
    Have a blessed day.

    1. Thank you Evangela! :) Maybe some point, I will. And I totally understand about the aluminum. I think you will be able to benefit from the post...at least, I hope so! :D You have a blessed day too amiga!

  2. I love the song! Beautiful is right. :) I write songs sometimes, then promptly forget how the tune is supposed to go...*shrugs* Plus they're not masterpieces or anything. :P

    1. Thank you Amanda! Aw, I understand that. I can tend to forget my tunes sometimes too if I don't write down the words and record myself singing them so I can listen later if I forget. :)