Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Gil Hibben Throwing Knives Review

I got this set of beauties the other day, and let me tell you, it was a much anticipated arrival.
I get all ridiculously excited about getting the mail on normal days, as it is. But if I'm expecting a package? You can expect obsessiveness when it comes to checking the mail. Obsessing with a capitol "O".

With shipping combined, I paid about 50 bucks for these Gil Hibben tanto-style throwing knives, on I can tell already that they were worth the price.

I'm no expert knife thrower by any means, but I can usually tell a quality knife when I see one. These came with razor sharp tips, and well-balanced. They are SOLID. Heaviest throwers I have yet acquired. My other set is cool too, and there a lot more of them, but they are really small in comparison and not balanced as well.

As you can see, they are fairly large knives in general. I am confident I could use them as weapons or for utilitarian purposes even if I wasn't throwing them.

Nonetheless, they were made for throwing. I tried them for the first time today outside and used several big pine trees as targets. The knives came with a thin tarp-material practice target which was an added benefit but I just need to find a place to put it up sensibly. The knife blades stuck into the tree effortlessly, and stuck deep. It took a little exertion to get them un-stuck from the bark/outer layer of the tree.
This might sound kind of odd, but I find an interesting sort of pleasure in listening to the knife whiz through the air and sinking into the target. With my other, smaller throwers, I couldn't hear them whistling as much. And the "thud" was smaller. With these Hibbens? Boy, they whistle as they fly. And the thud is realllyyy satisfactory. ^_^ Random note, there, but hey, I just figured it was an added benefit you should know about.

I'll admit, once again, I'm no authority on the sport of knife-throwing. I have been doing it for about two years now on and off, but not very seriously. I haven't practiced lately in a lonnnng was the first time in months actually. My brothers can tell you, I'm pretty lousy. I agree with them.
Right now. Give me another several weeks and that will hopefully change.
There is an art to knife throwing and it ain't easy in many regards. I am still trying to figure out the perfect balance of how to throw to align one's body in preparation to throw, how to position your throwing arm and how to actually throw. How to hold the knife when you throw. Sounds basic, right? Eh, not really. At least, not until you figure out what you're doing and develop a rhythm/pattern which you follow each time. I am so inconsistent right now. One time, I'll stick all 3 knives in the target area without any trouble, the next, I throw and all 3 bounce off the tree in 3 different, unpredicted directions. O_O
You definitely need patience with this. But, with well-made knives like these Hibbens, it should make it a heck of a lot easier for you. I purposely chose the "large" size because I have tended to overestimate sizes of knives in the past and with knife throwing especially, I think it's important to get a good, big knife. They are way easier to handle than little throwers, in my opinion.
Want some Hibben tanto throwing knives of your own? You can find some here.
I hope you enjoyed this review!  Do any of y'all throw? What are your favorite knives to use? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Finally another girl who loves throwing knives. I have one set that I got at this creepy condemned warehouse that sells swords and knives for super cheap. Haven't used them much, or know much about the art of throwing them. A friend has promised to teach me so I can't wait to learn. Do you like swords too.

    1. :D Oh awesome! Thanks for commenting! And, yes, I like swords! In fact they are something of another obsession. ;)

  2. Wow! Those are very neat! I hope I can get to see you throw those sometime soon. I know the other girls would love to see you throw them too....I'm afraid they are more into knifes then I am.....though I wish I was more into them. :(

    1. That's okay, Evangela, everyone is different and has their own interests! :D

  3. Nice those throwing knives look awesome! They seem like the perfect size...
    Here's a throwing knife tutorial for anyone whos interested ;)