Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Adventures Up North {nyc 2013}

Well, last weekend Daddy and I flew up north to the biggest city in the USA.
New York City.
This was my...let's see...sixth time I've been to the Big Apple. Kinda hard to believe, but I've been going with my dad since 2009, once every year for his ASGA conference. (See me working there at this album here) These are all business trips, I help Daddy by assisting with conference set-up and tear down, as well as running the ASGA store and registration process.
But it usually doesn't end just with work. On our last day, before we catch a flight home, we usually spend a few hours sightseeing.  Here are some of the photos I snapped throughout the trip.
This was the view from six floors up at our hotel in Brooklyn.

I know it may seem odd that I decided to snap photos of ruins...but in case y'all didn't already know, I am slightly obessed with abandonded buildings. This particular was was being torn down while we were there.

I found this rather interesting, and haunting at the same time.

Don't you wonder what's inside that door?!

Okay, enough with the pictures of a condemned building. xP Here is what our hotel room looked like. Daddy was just getting up from his chair...hehe.

Moi snapping a photo of the bathroom/closet/mini-kitchen area. This room was pretty small and everything was compact and the space utilized to maximum effeciency. Typical for NYC style.

On Sunday, (our last day- also the day we came home) we got to take a tour of the Radio City Music Hall. This was the main stairway in the lobby. I thought it was pretty neat. The ceiling was HIGH.

On the actual stage of the music hall!

Music Hall seating.

Me on the stage! Pretty neat view.

Bad, bad, bad hair day. Actually, the whole weekend my hair was behaving terribly. I think it was because of the change in atmosphere, temprature and humidity. My hair is used to 100% humidity and apparently NYC doesn't have that. XP Oh well, what are cute newsboy caps for? *grins*


Moi again, snapping a photo of myself in the mirror of a column in another lobby a floor below the stage. I though the architecture here was interesting. And even the color scheme. It was all chosen for specific reasons...e.g., the designer thought that black paint on the walls would simulate a calm atmosphere and encourage people in the room to be quieter for the audiences upstairs who might've been watching a production.

From the highest level of seating in the music hall. Whew, this is pretty high up. The acoustics were amazing however.

Another classy stairway, with cool abstract-musical instrument carpeting.

Side-walk POV! Love the retro signs.

I kinda really like this. ^^

Times Square!

One of my dreams is to one day return here with a group of other people and hand out tracts on the sidewalk, and do street evangelism. I would love to organize a mission trip up here...this is a spiritually starved city and there is so much darkness and sin amidst all the bright lights and crowds of people!

Daddy again!

I personally think this is a horrid picture of me. -_-

We ate at a cute little restaurant underneath Grand Central Station. The french toast there was delish. Mmm. Got to have some really good, deep conversations with Padre. This is one of my favorite things about getting to travel on these business trips with him.

Leaving Midtown, on the way to the JFK airport.

I thought this bridge was cool. Sorry for the quality of the picture, it was shot out a cab window.
That concludes the photos from the trip, but I hope you enjoyed them! It was a great trip and I really enjoyed it. The conference went well, I got to meet and talk to interesting people,  enjoy the cold weather, see some neat sights, spend quality time with my dad, and eat yummy food. ^_^ And the flights, both up there and back, were smooth as peanut butter.
It can't get much better than that, can it?
I love being home schooled. And I love having a dad who is awesome enough to take me with him on his business travels. God is good!
None the less, as much as I enjoyed this trip, I am glad to be back in the south where I belong.
If even my hair seems to protest, I guess that should say something...
I'm a country, Florida girl and that's who I'll always be.

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