Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Howdy y'alls!
Guess who's back from a short adventure in the Windy City?
That's right - me, myself and moi! 
Actually. This was another trip in which I accompanied Daddy for his work.
Some of you already knew likely that my wonderful father owns and operates his own business, and a major part of that business is producing conferences across the country. He trains college students, specifically in their student government leadership positions.
Anyhoo. I've been to his conferences in NYC, Los Angeles, Philly, Boston and DC, and then of course naturally the ones here in FL. I assist by helping with set-up, tear-down, running the conference store and registration, etc. Basically I'm your behind-the-scenes gal.  Daddy's main thing is doing workshops, but he also does a huge amount of behind-the-scenes work since it is after all his conference.
I'd never been to Chicago before. I have a love for visiting new places, and traveling to new sights, beholding new sceneries and cultures. Of course, I always look forward to returning to my little piece of paradise, otherwise known as HOME, but I do love getting to travel!
Honestly, I was expecting this city to be not very distinguishable from Philly and NYC. Most of what I saw of Philadelphia was downright ugly, with exceptions of course to the historical sections. 
Anyhow. I was hoping Chicago wouldn't be just another concrete jungle which smelled like a cesspool of pollution and garbage.

On Friday, after having just picked up our rental vehicle.
Every big city has its dangerous spots.
 I know, when I heard of Chicago before the first thing that came to mind was mafias and crime. But truth is, my very own tiny little hometown is riddled with crime, and it's only got a few hundred people tops, MAYBE. Guess what? Even with that small amount, it's got a poor reputation in the area. It's known for drug dealing. People have been shot here.
So, point proven? There is sin everywhere. Not just the big cities.
So anyway, you can't make stereotypical assumptions about a place. That being said, yes there are indeed places in Chicago which would not be wise to venture! So. Don't go to those places! Simple enough right?

Lunch/breakfast Friday, at the hotel restaurant.
Anyway. I'm already going down rabbit trails, something I'm a bit too good at doing. *facepalm*
The trip began EARLY Friday morning. I mean, a waking up at 4:30 AM sort of early. Eeesh!
We had a flight out of Orlando, which went good and smooth. I was able to make progress in the Rebels during that time, which of course I was happy about. Roughly two and half hours later, we touched ground in Illinois.

Haha! How randomly amusing - Daddy was 'guest of the day'.
Chicago was beautifully chilly. Now, back here in FL we've been having very nice days as weather is concerned, but up there it was literally CHILLY.
Oh happy day!!! I can't express how I love a chilly topography. Now, I don't care for super cold, e.g. in the 20s and below, that being said. Honestly us Floridians are pussies when it comes to cold weather!
The first thing we did, upon arriving at the hotel was to get situated and then acquire some FOOD!
Hahaha. Quite a story there. We headed down to the hotel restaurant. The PRICY hotel restaurant. >_< Anyhoo. None of the workers apparently knew English very well. Our waiter was a middle-eastern man, I'm guessing he was perhaps from Pakistan or Israel? I requested the "crunchy French toast." He looked slightly confused, and repeated my request in broken English. I motioned to where the item was located on the menu, and he finally nodded a bit sporadically.
About 15 minute later, he returns with Daddy's delicious looking eggs benedict, and....a small plate with two slices of toast on it. Regular toast, mind you, on a side-serving sort of plate.
First thing that entered my mind... "You expect us to pay 11 bucks for that?"  I mean, I'm not picky or anything but eleven dollars for two pieces of regular, store-bought bread thrown in the toaster is a major rip off!
Eventually, the waiter returned and we tried to explain that this was NOT French toast. He clearly had no idea what we were talking about. I felt a bit sympathetic for him...he evidently had hardly any knowledge of the English language at all.
Anyhoo, EVENTUALLY I got some eggs benedict as well, instead. It was delicious! My first.
 Upon finishing breakfast, the next thing was to begin initial set-up for the conference. We were located at a college called Malcolm X College - and that title creeped me out majorly. Seriously. Who's idea was it to name a public school after such a man? Anyhoo.
The core set up took several hours. Our hosts were very accommodating and friendly, which was a blessing.  

Sears tower!
After finishing up at the college, Daddy drove us over to downtown Chicago to do some sight seeing. He is usually worn out from these trips and would prefer to just rest in the hotel room, but since I came along he was considerate and thoughtful knowing that I was really eager to see some sights.
We got to go to the Sears tower! Well now it isn't called that anymore, it's officially the Willis Tower. But. I've always known it the other way and I'm sure most other folks will pretty much always think of it like that, as well.
It. was. amazing.
The sheer monstrosity of this building when it comes to size blows/blew my mind. I've been on tall man-made structures before, like the Empire State Building. But this is the tallest one I've gone on yet. 110 stories. I forget the exact amount of feet. It is massive.

The lines were quite long and the wait just to get the elevators lasted at least 20 minutes. It was worth it though. Entirely worth it.
The elevator ride itself was foreboding of the creepily awesome experience ahead. We crammed onto a car and instantly began shooting upwards at an amazingly swift speed. If the elevator had had transparent walls I swear I'd have passed out or lost my cookies or something to that effect. o_O It was swaying to a fro, slightly which began to get a little unnerving. The monitor above the elevator door tracked our progress as floors flew by, by the tens.  
And then we were there.
At the top.
The view was spectacular. The tiny lights from far below scattered in every direction
 as far as the eye could see. That high up, surrounded by people of all sorts of nationalities and languages, it wasn't difficult to imagine a modern day Tower of Babel. Whenever are you 110 stories up, immersed in a collection of dozens of different languages and people groups?

And of course...there is the freakily awesome highlight which many know this building for.
Four, 4' transparent glass boxes affixed to the side of the building, jutting outwards over the cityscape below.
Known as The Ledge.

Waiting in line to get to the Ledge.
The thought of standing in a glass box thousands of feet above the ground is enough to terrify most people. Including me. As we got closer and closer in the line, my heart raced. Mentally I knew it was perfectly safe but my body was insisting on remaining traumatized about the idea.
Finally, our turn came. 

Gingerly I edged my way out on the glass. I stood and looked down VERY quickly. Oh my word. I'm getting chills even now, just remembering what it was like.
All I could think to utter was"Oh my gosh" over and over again. Ardently.
I had no intelligible words.
 It was breathtakingly terrifying.
Finally I couldn't stomach the thought of looking down again. So I just focused my gaze on Daddy as he snapped photos, my heart racing and my hands cold from touching the glass beneath me.  

Awkwardness almost always ensues when I'm the subject of a photo.

What did I tell you? "How to fail a thumbs-up 101." 

My last attempt to not look as terrified as I actually was.
(But all awkwardness aside, is this not the most epic shot ever? I mean...the VIEW looking down! Eeeee I'm getting shivers again.)

Even Daddy, who's usually fearless when it comes to this kind of thing, said he got creeped out slightly.

Truth be told, as scary as the whole deal was, it was also one of the most exhilarating things I've experienced. I guess that's what exhilaration is, right? A mixture of adrenaline, terror and excitement?
Cause that's what I felt up there. It was thrilling.

Dorkiness for the win! (or not...)

Contemplative papa.

This is maybe my favorite landscape shot of the bunch. All those little lights...

A friend suggested this scenery appears similar to the Grid, in the film TRON: Legacy. Strangely enough it sort of does! And Maygan mentioned its similarity to the City of Ember.
(Fictional place references booyah!)

Simply incredible.

Back down on 'earth'.

Gah! Why so blurry!

Yup, we were all the way up there.

We had a fabulous dinner at a restaurant practically across the street from the Tower. Deep dish pizza! It was absolutely delicious. Mmmm.

It was a delightful evening. On Saturday, we arose early (again) and made haste for the conference.
It went well! A long day for all the speakers and myself, but the conference overall was a success and the attendees seemed to enjoy it. I ran the store, answered questions like "where is the restroom?" and, "where can I find room such and such?" as always and helped register guests.
During the down-times when most everyone was in their workshops/sessions, I did character chats with friends on the computer and tried not to look too mischievous.
And then of course, there was tear-down and boxing up the items/supplies later in the day when the event came to a close.
That night we had dinner with the speakers, a take-out from a local bbq place which Daddy in particular loves eating at.
Sunday? 1. I had a huge frappechino at the airport, and 2., it was probably just a size too much. I had serious caffeine overloads and couldn't sit still. Not to mention, I kept getting all sorts of insane inspirations for writing from my astronomy book. O_O
Ah but chip frappechinos....they...are...just...too...good!!
The flight home was smooth. It was good to be back in paradise again...when we got here anyway, it took another two hours to drive back due to some mixups with direction and then a morass of Orlando traffic. >_< I don't get why everyone loves Orlando so much. Is Disney really all that? I firmly believe Orlando is one of the worst places in the state!
It was a wonderful trip. I am very thankful I was blessed to get to go and that everything went so well!
What's been new with y'all lately?

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Marred Legacy Now Available on Amazon!

Hola amigos! I have some exciting news for you today!
My song Marred Legacy is now available for mp3 purchase/download on Amazon!
Click here! It's only .89 cents a download!
So. I'm excited. Very, very excited. This is my first song to be made available for purchase to the public.
I would really, really REALLY appreciate it if y'all fabulous people could help me get the word out about this. I'll have more songs on the way, but I really could use some help with promoting my music here. So. If you could just share this with your who likes instrumental piano music...I would be sooo appreciative!! Mucho gracias, queridas!
Happy Saturday!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Was Jesus Black?

(random photo that has absolutely nothing to do with this post )
If you're reading this now or came to this post because of the title...Well hi there. How's your week been going?
 Yes, it's going to be a very unique post considering what I usually write about here. I can imagine some of your faces as you read this. You're waiting to see if this is going to be... well, okay, let's just say you're probably curious.
I've debated doing theological posts on Apassionata but declined the notion because I figured there was already randomness here? Yeeeah. That's why Symphony and I started Creation Gals.
But today I'm changing it up for once. This is a topic which rested in my brain several months ago and I've deliberated deeply on it since.
 So many misconceptions. So many false assumptions. So much hate - and I do mean, the true meaning of hate. (Not the liberal, left-wing manipulation of the word.)
It happens on both sides...both white, and black. It has the potential to occur in every soul, no matter the nationality or color.
The word 'race' itself, is racist. (for more on the word 'race' read this article I wrote on Creation Gals)
It's an evolutionistic term at root and implies a species still in the process of evolving to its full potential/state of existence.
When the word 'race' is viewed under such terms, it makes sense why people can so easily fall to looking down on somebody a different color or background then themselves.
Most of our vocabularies include a racist term, and we don't even blink twice! Is that not scary?
So. I've opted not to use the word 'race'. I could go into more reasons why this is a word to avoided, but technically that was already covered in the article noted above.
It's really tragic to me how easily humanity derides against itself...and for the most petty reasons.
 There will never be world peace or anything similar until Jesus returns and the new heaven/new earth is instituted, true. It's just heart-breaking to me, to see people look down on one another simply because of the amount of melatonin in their skin.
Man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart.
It's all due to our sin nature. We are inclined to such things, being a fallen creation.
I'm not perfect, myself. In fact, I'm far from being thus. It's amazing how much I mess up, and how easily my thoughts turn from being on the right things.
I never thought of myself as being racist. In fact, the subject has always stirred my heart...even to the point of inducing a form of anger. When I read of the injustices and wrongs done to people simply for skin-deep reasons, I cringe and involuntarily grit my teeth. I hate to see it.
And then these questions hit me out of nowhere. And suddenly I found myself pondering something I'd never really taken into deep consideration before.
Does God have a 'skin color?'
Was Jesus black?
Is God black?
What about Adam and Eve?
It seems everybody creates assumptions about God/Jesus' appearance. Go to a white church, there are pictures of artists' conceptions of Jesus. He's usually rendered as a clean-cut, effeminate looking fellow with a mild, clean cut beard...and very pale, colorless skin. Very white.
Go to a black church, there are artists' conceptions of Jesus. He's typically rendered as a clean cut, but no so effeminate looking man with a beard and chocolate colored skin. Obviously black.
The same formula follows for other people groups and nationalities.
Now, the fact alone that we have 'white' and 'black' churches irks me, but that's a topic for another time.
The point is, we all picture Jesus as looking the way we look. It's an involuntary mindset. I'll admit, I never used to question those pictures on the church walls or in the children's' Bible story books.
It may seem trivial, to question what Jesus looked like during His time here on earth.
But isn't it still worth the thought, since it is, after all the Creator of the universe? Isn't it worth the thought just because it's something to make us examine our outlook on things?
If God truly does have a 'skin color', (we are made in His Image, after all) what immediately comes to your mind? This will prove where your involuntary assumptions are.
This being said, I don't believe we'll ever be able to know what He looks like until we meet Him for ourselves. I picture Him as He is described in Revelation and throughout Scripture. Being clothed in white, best likened to a beam of blinding, incredible light.
The human mind cannot truly fathom His appearance.
What did Jesus look like, during His years spent here? Once again, no one will ever know while abiding in this current life. I picture Him as being neither white nor black, but in between, due to the middle-eastern region He hailed from.
Adam and Eve. Were they black? White? Asian? Latino?
 Here is another misconception I believe that's made and all too often. In the kids' Bible story books, Eve is portrayed as having long blond hair, and pale skin. Adam looks similar.
To me personally, I don't believe this factually conceivable. Since all the world's future inhabitants would spawn from this couple, there must have been enough potential for genetic diversity within their DNA to provide this. If both Adam and Eve were 'white', where would the melatonin come from to create darker skin later on?
If they were both 'black', it wouldn't be possible for any of their descendants to ever have a lighter complexion.  
Simple enough, right?
 So how then do we have the incredible diversity of color and physical characteristics in the world today?
What if....
a. Adam and Eve possessed more middle-eastern characteristics - olive skin, dark hair, etc.
or b., one was 'white' and the other 'black'?
These two options seem the most plausible to me. Especially the latter. As I said before, I am hardly very knowledgeable and I myself make many presuppositions, many prove to be false.
But I like to think. I like to question. And as simple an issue as this may seem, it truly can raise quite a debate.
So...what am I concluding?
If you're truly not racist, you should be able to view Jesus/God/Adam and Eve and being any color. We have no hard fact of what any of them looked like/look like, so therefore we shouldn't cling to this solid idea that they looked any one way.
Make sense? Hopefully, yes. 
I know in the long run it won't matter, compared to other things, but I still think it's a fascinating topic to ponder.
  I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter!
Soli Deo Gloria,