Tuesday, January 17, 2017

//in which i pretend to be a retro queen

Hey y'all! So, I know I never really post on here anymore, but it's because I have two jobs now and one is basically full-time. Then I have all the other things in life like music, publishing my book, hanging with friends, family and such. And being an adult. So yeah, doesn't leave time (or motivation) to blog. 
BUT! I got offered a chance to review something again, and who can turn down free clothes?!

eShakti sent me a glamorous knit dress a few weeks ago, and it is maybe the best thing in my life since I discovered kombucha. 

I feel so classy in it! From the perfect shade of crimson, to the comfy fabric, to the way it flatters my curves, what's not to like? 

I know I'm not much of a model, but sometimes I enjoy trying. You're never too old to dress up and have fun pretending to be a time-traveler!
 What's terrific is that this dress is vintage-looking, yet made with breathable, stretchy material. Some actual vintage clothes can look amazing, yet be quite uncomfortable to actually wear.

It features a wrap-around design--which I'll admit took a little getting used to, but it definitely works. 

eShakti offers many different types of clothing for women, and everything is customizable! 
It's the only company that offers this kind of service for sizes 0-36W! 
They have modern styles, as well as retro-themed. Every piece of clothing they have ever sent me has been high-quality. 
In my experience, I would definitely say that they are a company worth buying from. 

Gotta say, I feel like this picture is a bit Peggy Carter-esque, no? I wish I had had a cool, old pistol to hold in that pose. It would have completed everything. 

As far as makeup goes, the main attraction is obviously the lipstick. I didn't put on any eyeshadow, my brows are completely natural, and I have merely one coat of mascara. I put a little blush on my cheeks after applying my usual concealer where it was needed. 

I'm no 1940s expert (yet), but from my research this is a pretty accurate look for the era. Little focus on the eyes and more attention to the lips and cheeks. And no, they didn't have contouring back then.

This unique hat is actually an original from the 1930s. I'm guessing late 30s, but I could be wrong. I found it at a local antique clothing shop in Micanopy and fell in love. There's something so delightful about old hats! Maybe they'll come back in vogue one of these years? They definitely need to. 

This mask isn't really 1940s or 30s or anything in particular. But I couldn't help myself. Masks always look awesome in photoshoots!

dress: eShakti (for reference, this dress is a size 8, and I'm 5'8")
heels: ModCloth
vintage 30s hat: local antique store
gloves: vintage, a gift from my late Aunt Ruth
lipstick: Besame in 1946 Red Velvet
blush: Cowgirl Dirt in Buckle
pearls: vintage, gift from Grandma 

I definitely recommend checking out eShakti! 
You get a $25 discount if you are a new customer! They are also running a 15% off special up until January 19th! (only 2 days left to take advantage of it!)

What do you think of my retro look? Should I try more 40s-inspired outfits? Let me know in the comments!

Note: This product was given me for free in exchange for my honest review.