Wednesday, April 26, 2017

//gone verde

I'm telling you, Shakti never fails to please. 
It's always exciting when I get an email from them asking to review another product, and I definitely scored big (again!) with this gorgeous little number!

I apologize that my photos are not the best quality for this review. It was a bit rushed, which I kind of regret, but oh well. 

eShakti clothes are awesome because they're guaranteed to fit you no matter what shape or size you're rockin'. 
Every time I get a new dress from eShakti I know it's gonna fit me like a glove, and flatter my figure in all the right places! And I'm never disappointed! 

(still haven't really figured out the whole modeling thing, but I can't take myself too seriously, right?)

This dress is SO comfortable. It's a soft, slightly stretchy material, very similar to this one - a heavyweight jersey cotton blend, I think? Could be wrong there, but that's what it feels like. It's not flimsy by any means and I know it was made with high-quality standards. Another pro about getting dresses from eShakti! 

At the same time, I'm not sweating my butt off from it being too thick of a fabric. And living in the Sunshine State, I can fully testify that it gets hot here!

My camera was about to die at this point so it was like "hurry, try and get in as many shots as you can!"

Throwing in a vaguely pin-up inspired pose because it just felt right at that moment.

My makeup routine was the same as what I did for my other retro eShakti dress photoshoot.
Pretty simple and typical for the 1940s. Just my favorite Besame lippie, some blush, concealer, and a smidgen of mascara. I experimented with a new hairstyle, too, which I'm pretty happy with. Maybe one day I will advance on to those much-envied victory rolls. 

To complete the 1940s look, one absolutely must have tights or at least the appearance of tights! Which I know I still need to add to my 40s ensembles...*cough* if anybody wanted to send me some to review I wouldn't complain...*cough
In fact, women would even draw a line down the back of their legs to give that imitation, if they couldn't afford tights. Me? I was running out of time today so didn't want to put that extra effort in...oh the shame!

The "I have no idea what I should do next here but at least I'm having fun" look.

Overall, I'm in love with this dress! The cutouts in the front give it the perfect little touch without being over-the-top. I absolutely adore the shade of green. So classic!

If you love vintage-inspired clothing or the idea of clothing you can actually customize to your own measurements, you should definitely check out eShakti. It's the only company that offers this kind of service for sizes 0-36W! 

They also offer $25 off to new customers! 
(Be sure to tell them that I sent you!)


dress: eShakti
shoes: ModCloth
vintage gloves: gift from my late Aunt Ruth
 lipstick: Besame in 1946 Red Velvet
blush: Cowgirl Dirt in Buckle

in love with the verde? let me know in the comments what you think of this look!

Note: I was given this product in exchange for my honest review.