Thursday, August 7, 2014

Once Upon A Time #SNOWING Necklace! {review}

Ugh, it's been a while since I last just hasn't really permitted me lately to post on this blog, this year. I recently began classes with the Ocala Piano Conservatory, and I'm also trying hard to finish my studies with ICR so I can get started with college stuff. Ayyyyy, and those are just two things.
Anyhoo, it's also been a while since I did a review here on Apassionata.
So guess what we have today!? Something really cool and unique from Love Infinitely Gifts!
It's an OUAT Snowing Shipper necklace! In case you don't know what "Snowing" refers to, well....actuallyyyy, you probably won't care about this post at all in general, if you're not an OUAT fan. Haha. But anyways, Snowing refers to the 'ship name' of Snow White/Mary Margaret and Prince Charming/David.
“You never have to worry, I will always find you.” Once Upon a Time
^_^ I love deeez peoplessss so much. They are positively adorable! And contrary to the 'traditional fairy tale romance', their story isn't all just smooth-sailing and fluff. What they've been through to be with eachother....gahhhh.  <3
Some of the other OUAT couples I don't care for, *coughCaptainSwancough* but these two? I shipped them so hard from the moment they both got on screen. And what's even cooler is that the actors actually got married in real life. (I hope they stay together!)
I have mixed feelings toward the screenwriters of Once Upon A Time. On one hand I'm kinda aggravated they decided to include Frozen in this next season. I'm also mad how they murdered most of my favorite characters (is that anything new, though?) and ended up pairing Emma with Hook.  But one thing they got right was Snowing. So I guess I can forgive them.
Anywayyys so now that's out of the way, let's get to the review shall we?
I was so excited to see a whole collection of OUAT-themed jewelry on this Etsy shop. And then I saw this piece....
It's just so gorgeous! I love everything about it. It's constructed well, easy and lightweight to wear, and all around perfect, really.
As the Etsy description says, it truly is a beautiful piece in person. The sword and snowflake really pop out at you.
Ever since I got in in the mail I've been wearing it everywhere, with everything. New favorite fashion statement!
I have no complaints here. Nada. Nothin'. Zip.  
You should go check out the OUAT Inspired Pieces collection for yourself. End of story. 
I don't agree with some of the stuff from this shop, but I really like the OUAT collection.  And if you're into this show then I know you will too. So what are you waiting for?! Go give it a peek already!
Note: I was provided this item in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed remain mine and mine alone.