Monday, March 19, 2018

This Little Lyme of Mine {shop review}

So, I was sent a lovely collection of bath and beauty products from 
This Little Lyme of Mine , a home business based out of Mississippi, including soap, lip scrub, lotion, conditioner and even shower steamers and wax melt. Tracy, the shop owner, is a very nice lady and great to work with! 

With so much to cover, I’m going to start with my favorites. By the way, it’s always super hard to pick favorites when you’re given quality product. ;)

Overall, I love how simple the ingredients are in most of these products. The ingredient lists are super short, which is a good signal right away - and the ingredients themselves are really healthy, too. Very important factors to consider when you put anything on your beautiful skin!

using the coconut sugar lip scrub
Coconut & Brown Sugar Lip Scrub.
It’s a little messy due to the nature of sugar, but it’s still fairly easy to apply. This stuff is so yummy. The coconut oil and vitamin e oils are FAB for the skin, and there’s also shea butter and cocoa butter included as well. So, lots of moisture for dry lips. The sugar adds exfoliation.  My lips feel so yummy and soft after I use this, and the moisturizing lasts for at least a couple hours!

Cocoa Dream Body Butter 
 This body butter is definitely on the thicker side, consistency wise. With no added dyes, and easy application, it smells exactly how you would expect. Like cocoa. Yum! Since it’s so thick you don’t have to use very much to feel the moisture and glow, so it really lasts! I used it on not just my hands but also legs, too!

Very Sexy For Her Conditioner
This conditioner is very smooth. Once again, no added dyes!  The scent reminds me of a pricey perfume, but it isn’t overwhelming. It was very easy to use. I massaged a small amount into my scalp and then the rest of my hair, left it in for about 20 minutes, and washed with shampoo. It left my hair feeling clean and silky!

Goat’s Milk Lavender Soap
There was just not enough of this creamy little soap. It smelled so feminine and fresh, and I felt like it really cleansed well.

Citrus, Strawberry and Hibiscus Foaming Bath Salts
The premise here is so unique! Combining bath salts with foaming, fizzy fun! It’s like a bubble bath but even more lavish! The scent is delish. It definitely smells tropical and summery, and I love the hint of hibiscus. Great scent combination!

Kiwi Sugar Scrub
Once again, LOVE the scent here. I’m a fan of kiwi-scented anything and kiwis themselves boast great nutritional value. This particular scrub is excellent for exfoliation.

Sweet Comfort Bubble Bath Bar
This reminds me of those candy gum balls you could get at the store when you were leaving the building - you know, the ones you had to pay a quarter for? It definitely makes me think of candy, or bubble gum. And visually it looks almost edible! I love the colors and how it looks like a slice of raspberry ripple cheesecake. My only complaint here is the inclusion of polysorbate 80 in the ingredients – research polysorbate 80, if you aren’t familiar with it.

Apple Pie Wax Melt Tart
Oh my gosh, this smells absolutely amazing. I wish I had one of those wax burners. I used to…ugh! The scent of this little wax tart is remarkably similar to real apple pie, almost even better! I wish there was a candle alike to this scent. Maybe that could be the next item added to this store…hint hint?

Tension Buster Shower Steamer
Not too crazy about the scent, but this shower steamer is definitely a must if you are always battling tension or anxiety. Or if you just wanna chill after a loooong day at work dealing with frustrating customers or a demanding boss! My job isn’t really stressful or tense, but my body takes a lot physically because of the constant exercise and being on my feet all day. So I can definitely appreciate this shower steamer.

Citrus Sunrise Shower Steamer
Ahhh this literally smells like a bowl of fresh cut oranges and grapefruit. So fresh and rejuvenating, and it really opens your sinuses up, too! Once again, if you’re into citrus scents, this one is truly accurate!

Coconut Bath Bomb
If you know me, you know I love, love, love anything coconuts. I enjoy eating anything coconut related, especially coconut ice cream. And coconut-inspired scents are just divine! This little bath bomb is delightful. It smells terrific, and is a fun addition to your relaxing evening bath. Like a LUSH bath bomb, but even better for you!

Sinus Relief Shower Steamer
With essential oils like witch hazel and peppermint leaf powder, this shower steamer definitely opens up your sinuses and clears your head of the yuckies.  Definitely a must have during cold season and might even help you during this allergy season as well! Give it a try!

Goddess of the Universe Lotion
Sadly, I was not crazy about this product. It doesn’t have a very noticeable scent of any kind. Maybe if you prefer to use an unscented lotion, it would be something you’d be interested in. For myself, I love to smell good, especially since I work in a gym and have to smell a lot of unpleasantries daily. This lotion has vitamin e oil and other helpful oils, though, so you definitely can feel the moisture after using it!


I hope you all enjoyed this review, as much as I enjoyed testing these yummy products! Check out Tracy's shop today and drop a comment what your fave product is!

Friday, March 16, 2018

NaturelleGrow Hair Products {Review}

I absolutely love reviewing hair stuff. If you know me, you know that my hair is my pride and joy. I have spent hours of research trying to learn about keeping my mane as natural and happy as possible.

With all the hair products available today, it can be overwhelming trying to find the right stuff. You also have to take into consideration your hair type, how oily/dry your scalp is, and what kind of environment you're constantly exposed to.

For example, my hair is on the oily side, moderately fine, and hip-length. If I don't wash it, it tends to become very dense/thick in volume, like a lion's mane. Whenever I do wash/condition, it becomes very soft and silky.

My normal hair routine is extremely simple. I take a shower every day/every other day, but only shampoo/condition once a week if possible, sometimes twice a week. The reason for this? Have you heard about how fragile your hair follicles are? They're incredibly fragile. Not to mention, they are very easily stripped of their natural oils, mostly because we wash our hair too frequently, AND use products that are crap! In fact, a lot of synthetic hair products aren't too different from motor oil. Yikes!

So yeah, by only shampooing/conditioning your mane 1x-2x a week, you allow your scalp and hair follicles to stay balanced and healthy. It lets everything "reset" so that you aren't constantly stripping the scalp of oils.

By the way, if you're in the process of growing your hair out, doing this will aid the process! 

But anyways! Let's move on to the review.

I had the pleasure of getting to test some Naturelle Grow hair growth products this past week. Naturelle Grow is a small business that specializes in all-natural luxury hair growth products and hair care items. 

and the Mango & Berries Cleanse/Conditioner for Hair Growth. Click the links to see the original listings!

Gotta say, I love both products! Since I'm used to using just plain ol' coconut oil as conditioner, these are both a major upgrade and oh. my. gosh. they smell amazingggggg.

It's hard to pick a favorite, but I think I like the Mango & Berry scent best. Both are easy to apply.

To use these products: I took a small amount and massaged into my scalp and then into the rest of my hair, finishing with the ends.

I left the conditioner in for about 30 minutes and then washed it out with shampoo. Note that since both are deep conditioners, you have to spend a few minutes rinsing or it will feel oily afterwards.
Since my hair is already pretty oily, I don't really need the moisturizing factor. I still enjoy using it in a small amount like regular conditioner. 

Considering how much you get in the bottle, and how expensive most natural hair products are in the store, you're getting a pretty good deal. Especially if you only have to use a small amount each time, like I do. (just saying, because my hair is so long, unless you have really thick hair or super long, you shouldn't have to use very much either.) 

Also, you can recognize and pronounce all the ingredients! Whoop whoop!

Also, gonna take a sec to just acknowledge the marketing and packaging, because look how aesthetically pleasing this container is?! 

Naturelle Grow also has many other different conditioners and hair growth products, for all hair types. The scents are just amazing!

To learn more, visit the Naturelle Grow website. 
Also, they have at Etsy account too! Go show them some love! 


note: I was given these free products in exchange for my honest review. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Ori Active//Activewear with a Polynesian Flair! {review}

Yoginis and fitness enthusiasts! 
Looking to spice up your workout wardrobe? 

Check out Ori Active
Ori Active

As a yogini, personal trainer, and gym rat, I think it's important to have yoga pants you can rely on. You don't want something cheap, and you don't want something uncomfortable! For all the different asanas we move through at each practice, range of motion is vital. Whenever I'm lifting or doing squats, I also have to be careful what leggings to wear. Believe me - I'm pretty picky!
I really like my new leggings from Ori Active. Both pairs have soft, stretchy breathable fabric and high-waist construction. 
They also have mesh detailing on the calves which is very trendy. 
I like the high waist because I can be confident doing inversions or anything plyometric without having to worry about them falling down or looking awkward! You know that feeling? 

The weather outside has been so lovely here in the Sunshine State. It's like we're having one last little wisp of winter before the heat sets in, and I'm loving it. So whenever I can, I try to take my yoga practice outside! 

What's one of your favorite yoga poses? Triangle always makes me feel so good. The hamstring stretch combined with the spinal twist is so rejuvenating. 

By the way, if you live in Ocala or the surrounding area, come check out my BodyFlow class at Zone Health & Fitness on Tuesday mornings at 10am. It's basically a combo of yoga, tai chi and pilates. A lot of fun and very relaxing at the same time! 
I also teach Stretch Class on Fridays at 10:30am. For more info, drop a comment! 

Working on improving my backbend. It feels good to get that flexion in my spine and decompress while grounding myself. 

Overall, these pants are bomb. I like the black ones best because they are super flattering and I love the turtle design! It's unique, but sleek. Hey, that rhymes! Also, neither pair are see-through at all. The fabric is thick enough to look fab on you even when doing the most difficult poses and heavy lifts.
My only complaint is that the two side zippers (on the black pants) are sometimes dysfunctional. It works sometimes and then it won't. They are cool looking, though. 

Like what you see? Get the black Honu turtle pants here
Or, if you like the Tropical Hawaiian pants, get yourself a pair here

Also, check out and you can use the same code above for 10% off there, too! 


note: I was provided these items in exchange for my honest review. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

For the Love of Matcha {review}

Starbucks Matcha comparable

Who loves matcha? If you haven't tried it, it's basically powdered green tea and it's delish! You can drink it hot or cold and it's a nice little pick-me-up without having a caffeine overload.
But not all matcha is created equal! If you're going to enjoy a cup, wouldn't you want to make sure you're getting the best quality and price? 

Enter the Matcha Outlet! They sent me a sample bag of their Starbucks Matcha  Green Tea Frappechino mix! Here is what this mix boasts: 

 Matcha from Japan
✓ 0g Fat
✓ No Food Coloring✓ No Preservatives
✓ No MSG / Gluten / Diary
✓ No Chemical Additives

Here is a picture from the Matcha Outlet website. If you want to try making a hot matcha latte, it's just as tasty as a cold one!

It tastes identical to the Starbucks Green Tea frappechino, but without all those nasty chemicals. Yum! Really easy to make, too. All you do is blend a scoop of matcha with a couple ice cubes and a cup of milk. (I used almond milk) Voila! Perfection in a cup. 

Did you know that green tea is actually very good for you? It boasts numerous benefits including enhancing your metabolism, and being anti-cancer! So not only is this drink delicious, it's very healthy!

Apologies for the poor picture quality, I wish I had a camera and lighting that would capture the lovely green color of this matcha.

To get some yumminess of your own, go check out Matcha Outlet right now! They are a family owned business and even offer free shipping on their matcha blends. There are lots of other blends to pick from, besides the Starbucks blend! 
Tell 'em I sent you! 

do you have a favorite matcha blend, or favorite way to prepare it? 
comment below!


note: I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

#FitMeDewy Maybelline Foundation & Primer {review}

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So I received a box of goodies from Influenster a few weeks ago! This is a really cool app where you can get picked to review different products depending on your tastes and preferences.

I was sent a FitMeDewy foundation from Maybelline, as well as a bonus Maybelline Master Primer.
Both products I have enjoyed using! The foundation is super easy to apply and is in liquid form. It doesn't come with anything to apply it with, but luckily I have plenty of brushes. I got sent Nude Beige, which matches my skin perfectly and blends so smooth! 

I'm not much of a makeup person, but foundation is one of those things I definitely need depending on if my skin is having any outbreaks or not. Sometimes, if I eat bad foods I will see the results on my skin...and when that day happens, the perfect foundation and concealer are my best friends! Tell me I'm not alone here?!

The Master Primer is also very easy to apply and provides moisture to your skin before you apply foundation. I don't really need this as much because my skin is pretty oily, but it does give a nice "dewy" look with the foundation!

How's everyone's week been going? If you want to stay up to date on my life (since I obviously don't post much here anymore other than for business), follow me on Instagram. My username is leah_oxendine_strong.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Orchard Corset {review}

So for years I have followed Orchard Corset and admired their work. As a living historian and historic fashion lover you can imagine how much I appreciate corsets! Whether I am reenacting the 1860s, or recreating a 1940's look, they really do make the whole impression feel so much more accurate.
There are few eras in the timeline of humankind that don't involve some kind of stay or corset. Especially within the past three hundred years of European development!

I found out about Orchard Corset through another 1940s model who was doing a review for them. I was definitely impressed from the getgo! 

And then, basically all my dreams came true when I was sent my very own corset to try out. 

This corset fits like a dream, and let me tell you, not all corsets do! Some can be very uncomfortable. Not this one. It's well made, durable and sleek. It provides a very flattering waistline perfect for the silhouette needed in retro outfits. 

I got to review the CS 426 Short in size 24. I wanted to get a good idea of what Orchard Corset offered with just a good basic cotton corset. I like the under-bust style because my other 1860s corset is over-bust.

In these photos, I am modeling the CS 426 over a true vintage 1930s era nightgown, which I actually use for my 1860s reenacting ventures. It is actually pretty close to what would be authentic for that time period - and nobody better be judging what I wear to go to sleep, anyways!

This is definitely one of the most comfortable modern corsets I have worn. I also tried it underneath a cotton reproduction 1940s-era dress, as you can see in the following pictures. I really love the smooth torso it created and it definitely made me feel that much extra!

Are you interested in corseting or waist training, but a little intimidated on where to start or what to get? Orchard Corset has an impressive collection of articles and videos to help you out. I was assisted on exactly what size would be best for my body, and they have a a live chat so you can get assistance as well! 

Without a second thought, I give Orchard Corset my stamp of approval! 
High quality work, for a reasonable price, and multiple different beautiful designs to choose from. 
They also have sales going on all the time, so you don't have to break the wallet to feel fab! 
I will definitely be recommending them to my fellow costuming friends and anybody who just wants a nice hourglass silhouette. <3

Follow me on Instagram for more fashion reviews and retro stuff: leah_oxendine_strong
Visit my website to see more about my books, music and personal training!

Thank you Orchard Corset for hosting today's review!