Monday, March 24, 2014

This Title Has Nothing To Do With This Post

Hola queridas!
What's been happening with y'all lately? Well, I've been meaning for several weeks to put up a post about the most recent reenactment. So here I finally am.

This was our third Civil War reenactment. One of the best things about it was how close it was! Only about 20 minutes away from my house so the driving time was superb in comparison to the other two reenactments which were further away.

Jason, a new friend.
The Nature Coast reenactment took place in Williston this year on a privately owned farm. It was the smallest reenactment I've been to yet, but that didn't deter from the experience.

This reenactment wasn't based off an actual, historical event. Therefore the battle was 'made up' in a sense. Knowing this, I have to admit I was more amused with it than anything else. Is that bad? I know we were supposed to take it seriously since it was an effort to recreate mildly something from one of the bloodiest events in history. Still. It's not nearly the same (thank God!) and when you have an announcer who's a comedian going the whole time, well....

Kay took all these battle photos, by the way. She, Maygan and I came to play music as we always do. Also, we had an additional person in our group this time. Maygan's guy friend, Callan.
It was a fun time of fellowship, but I have to wonder if perhaps I was the loopiest of the little band. I mean, I'm loud and outgoing anyway, and everyone else seemed to be more in control of themselves somehow. *shrug* Oh well. Nothing new.

Our music-playing went decently, but it was pretty warm out and there were no trees anywhere whatsoever. The only shade came from the ball tent and that was being occupied most of the day by other folks who wanted to get out of the sun.
Only in FL can you get a sunburn in March.


Cause that's what happened, with all of us. I didn't get burned that badly, just around my cheeks and nose, but still. It's not nice to feel like you're blushing all day long when you know you're not.

Yeah. When you've got stockings, a crinoline and lots of fabric on, it can get hot very easily. Maybe this is why there are few reenactments here in the state during summertime.

Oh well, it just made me enjoy that cold root bear all the more!

Smoke ring from the cannon fire!

Maygan was wise and packed lunches ahead of time for us to eat in the parking lot. We never buy food at these things because it's so expensive. Plus it's utter junk food anyway!
We had a feast. Yogurt, chips, sandwiches, crackers, yeah, basically the works.

Kay wanted to get some pictures in the dark by the train tracks. Yes, that's me in the shadow.


Moi, Christin, Maygan and Callan.

Part of the area for dancing/the ball. 
That evening we drove over to Winn-Dixie in Williston which was only a few minutes away, to use the restrooms/get 'fixed up' for the ball. This is part of the routine now, you see.




Jason being dramatic? I don't know what was happening here but you can see me and Chris in the background on the right.

Kay's photography continues. 

The sunburn is evident here. And my hair which got insane and wild after the first polka.
I think this was my favorite ball ever. I enjoyed the last two greatly, but this one felt so much more relaxed and casual somehow. (Maybe because it was a smaller event, and I also knew more people this time.) But besides that, I had the pleasure of meeting a young man with similar beliefs and ended up dancing/hanging out with the whole evening.
The significance of this statement is that I had just been telling my dad earlier that week that surely there were other Christians in the reenacting field. You see, I've had a few run-ins now with creeps at these things. Basically, guys that were not gentlemen in the least bit, let alone possible Christ-followers. So my dad was skeptical about the kind of people that go to these events. I was trying to tell him that surely not all the reenacting folks were like that.
So this was exciting because it literally proved what I had been hoping/thinking. Not all reenactor guys are huge flirts! Yes, there are ones who are genuinely nice people and even share your basic belief system! 

I'm such a dork.

Most illogical, captain?

I love this one of Kay.

Anyway, as soon as I found out Chris was into evangelism and Creation Science I was thrilled. It's so encouraging to meet other Christians who are eager to share the Gospel and stand up for their beliefs! I told him he was the first blatant Creationist I'd met at one of these things.
Besides talking, we waltzed a good deal. And waltzing is always fun! The variety of different dances was smaller at this ball, compared to Olustee and Brooksville, but it was still a blast. We basically did the Pattycake Polka, and then Virginia Reel and waltzing over and over, with five-ten minute breaks in-between each dance.

I think we were going for a serious look here. That or just tired?  

I love this picture...and it kind of proves what I was saying earlier about who the crazy one in the group was.
Overall, it was a marvelous day and marvelous evening. I was so thankful that everything worked out and that we got to go!

This, and the pictures to follow were taken by a photographer who thankfully gave me his business card later.

The ball tent.

Chris and I talking.

Virginia Reel!
Maygan and Callan being adorable. ^_^

This picture is so cute I'm going to die!!!


Anyway, it was a spectacular day. I think all of us at Southern Lights agreed on this!
I had a bit of post-reenactment blues on Sunday since it was over, but that's what happens after every big event that you look forward to for a while.
Sadly, the reenactment season has drawn to a close for us for this spring. :'( It's bittersweet. We've only done three events, but it feels like so much more.  I think I'm addicted. Can't wait for the next season!
Well, hope y'all enjoyed this post. Now I'm off to go shoot some hoops and run before it rains!