Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sherlock Holmes VS. The Concrete Jungle

So, last week my dad and I took a weekend trip to the Concrete Jungle, for his regional ASGA conference therein.
The conference itself went pretty well, and that was how we spent all day Saturday - Daddy doing his workshops and me hanging around the store/sign-in tables in case somebody wanted to make a purchase or get checked in.
A lot of the time, it was pretty quiet with all the attendees in their sessions. But at the end of the day, after packing everything up I was ready to hit the hay. I even pulled my wedges off while tear-down was in session and worked in my socks. Hey, 3 1/2 inches of elevation can wear on you after 14 hours!

We ordered food in our hotel room and watched Pawn Stars and The Walking Dead on TV. Two shows I never ever see. No, I'm still not a WD fan. The concept of zombies is so stupid and illogical it blows my mind. Anyway! All these pictures you're seeing are from the bit of sightseeing we got to do Sunday. It was nice and chilly out so I got to wear my trenchcoat - whooo! something that never happens here in the Sunshine State. I felt like a boss - er, an European detective, to be specific. *ahemhencethetitleofthispost*

We decided to walk across the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges.

A new experience to add to the repertoire of traveling tales!

Looking out over Manhattan, from the Brooklyn bridge. You can see the Empire State building in the distance on the left side of the picture.

Looking out across the river to the Statue of Liberty.

And this lovely - er - interesting view was something I snapped Saturday morning from the hotel window before we left for work. I thought the sunrise through the distressed looking buildings was sort of neat.

More from Sunday! This was in Brooklyn, maybe a block from the hotel, on the way to the bridges. I admired the green spires in the background.

The Manhattan bridge was so much less tourist-y than the Brooklyn bridge, and most people we passed seemed to be locals. Tons of graffiti in some places. Also, the subway was directly on the other side of the rails here where I was standing and every time it went by the whole bridge shook, which freaked me out a little at times.

It would've been cool to take a run across this bridge.

View from the Manhattan bridge looking over at the more renowned Brooklyn bridge.


A lovely, old beam on the Manhattan bridge.

Did I say old?

Passing subway.

A view of Chinatown from the Manhattan bridge.

Oh yeah, and if you zoom in you'll see this - the new world trade center in progress.

We walked through a small portion of Chinatown to get to the Brooklyn bridge, and were the tallest people to be seen for a good several blocks. I guess that's not really anything very new.

Why does this make me think of France so much?!

I rather like this one of mi padre.

One of the fascinating phenomenon we came across was this practice of fastening locks to the bridge rails.

I mean, there were locks all over the place! All clustered together, usually. We tried to figure out what they were for and determined it was lovebirds proclaiming their romantic relationships. Okay then?

Seems like you could see everything from that bridge.

Sherlock Holmes reflecting on past occasions of visiting Manhattan.

Am I flooding you with pictures? Don't worry, we're coming to the end...fairly soon.

Back on the other side of the river, where we came from. Brooklyn!

Flatbush Ave!

Piles of snow - no, scratch that, hardened ice.

Stretches of very dirty hardened ice.

Snow cone anybody?

Back in the hotel, getting ready to get a cab back to the airport Sunday. I always have to snap pictures of the room where we stay. This one I found particularly classy. The mirror, roof details and wood floor set it off.

And the beds were nicely made at some point.

A small but space-efficient quarters.

Too many reflection selfies, but with that mirror and my trenchcoat, I couldn't resist.

El bano.  Because it's so epic to end a post with a random bathroom picture that nobody will probably even care about.
Anyway, the journey home Sunday felt like it took forever, because I was feeling very congested and almost as if I had a cold. This was due to the different weather, climate and possibly even just the fact that the geographic alignment was so different than I am used to. I have this theory that my body can sense when it is placed in a different geographical alignment or altitude. Like, even when I go to sleep, I wonder if I do it better with my body aligned south to north, since that's what I have here in my bedroom. It probably sounds ridiculous, but for some reason I always wonder which way I'm facing when I go to bed while in another state or dwelling.
Also, just being so far north - obviously the northern climate and living conditions are very different than southern ones. So it was no wonder that my whole physical system was thrown off. Even my hair wouldn't behave and had enough static electricity to...I don't know, provide frizziness for anybody else who wanted it? Bah humbug. Nobody likes frizzy hair.
I'll be honest, I was a crankpot while in the airport and on the plane. I was very tired and almost everything in my body was sore. My feet especially, from walking 6 miles in heels/wedges. No pain no gain! (in this case, that's literal - I'm 5'11 or so with those things on) And then, on the final descent in the flight, I had this unbearable pressure in my head, due to the congestion and cold symptoms. It was horrible, almost maddening. I pleaded internally for it to pass so I wouldn't look like a monster when we de-planed...and so I could think straight again. It was just...phew, I'm glad it's over. I think it's safe to say that it's no fun to travel when you feel half-sick.
Anyway! It was an adventure overall, the entire trip. Life serves up adventures of all shapes and sizes though, whether you're traveling or not. I'm thankful to God for the opportunity to see new places and meet all kinds of different people. It's such a blessing to be homeschooled and have a father with whom I can get to do this!
Hope y'all weren't bored to death or anything. I wrote this while I was exhausted and recovering from a minor headache, so you have to give me some slack okay? Gracias.
Keep your eyes peeled for the next post which will be about the most recent reenactment I participate in!


  1. I have always wanted to go to NYC! It's on my bucket list somewhere. :)
    ~Sarah Faulkner

  2. Whoa! I LOVED seeing all these pictures! That's amazing you got to see all that. I hate you weren't feeling well though. :(

    BTW, your outfit is amazing. I'm sitting over here coveting it. ;)

  3. I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award :) You can find all the details here.

  4. That hat and jacket is so cute! It must be so much fun traveling with your dad like that.

  5. You have lots of great photos!