Monday, July 14, 2014

A Severe Case of Blog Neglect

Time stops for no one.
Like seriously, sometimes I wish it would. Dude, we're half-way through 2014 already. What. even. happened?! 
I guess I shouldn't be alarmed, because every single year this moment rolls around and....yeah. It's a continuous cycle. The equilibrium of life would be lost, without it.
Anyhoo, if you though this was the typical opening to an apologetic "sorry I've been so absent" post, I hate to break it to you but......., yeah, that's what it is.

I hate writing apologetic posts explaining my absence from the bloggy hemisphere. On one hand, I feel guilty about being gone, but on the other hand....I have a life. I can't be on the computer all day and honestly doing so hurts my eyes. So yeah.  Plus I just haven't had /time/.
Valid excuses, people. Totally valid excuses. *cough*
Soooo much has happened this year and especially these last few months. My being overflows with exhilaration and near-terror because some stuff occurred that I just...wasn't....expecting. God totally has a sense of humor, and to say He works in mysterious ways is a major understatement.
The thing is, His plans always make sense - even if, in the heat of the moment, they seem so crazy and just..."excuse me, what?"
We humans have such a limited understand of the grand scheme of things. We only see a few inches in front of us at a time. I can't trust my own judgment and vision, because it's an incomplete work that must be constantly renewed and adjusted according to Scripture. I can't trust my emotions, because they lead me into the pits of depression, the mountains of narcissism and the whirlwinds of complete madness.
It truly is all about walking by faith, and not by sight.
Oh yeah and all these pictures are from last month's annual week-long beach vacay.
It was a lovely trip. Always is.  I love the beach, even though I may be a country girl through and through. I got to visit a lot with my cousins, grandparents and of course my own immediate family, which is always nice.

My cousin and I...quite a duo.

So besides the beach, what's been happening lately? Well, I.....
  • Had a pretty major art commission - actually, a childrens' book cover.
  • Started writing once a month for the Survival Mom  blog.
  • Been working on promoting my piano lessons business.
  • Tomorrow (erm...later today I guess it is? haha it's trippy sometimes being a night-owl) I have an audition at the Ocala Piano Conservatory concerning the furthering of my own musical education. This has been something I've been praying over for two years now. It's nothing short of incredibly daunting, and immensely tremendous.
  • Graduated from high school!! (whooooo!)
  • Been trying to finish my ICR creation science courses.
  • Began the process of looking for an agent to represent my historical novel, TROF. Been working on the query letter and all that glamorous (not) fun.
  • My band and I got to play at our first PAID gig! It was a living history event in Ocala. (below are some pictures from it)
  • I decided I'm a hippie free-spirit of sorts, minus the irresponsibility, drugs and all that junk. 
If only I could make my entire income from music couldn't get much better than that. Seriously. Being a musician is awesome.  And it's even more awesome when people are willing to pay you well for it...
So yeah, a lot has been going on and so much more is ahead. Life has been crazy and you know what? That's the best kind.
To end this not-so-apologetic post, here's a few random jams I found which you should check out because they're just so chiiiiillllllll. Not to mention, addictive.
| Changed (DJT Remix) - Mario & Vidis |
| Beautiful Life - Martin Roth |
| Foreign Language - Flight Facilities | (loooove <3 )
You're welcome.
So what's been new with you peeps? I have missed you guys. Catch me up on things?
Soli Deo Gloria,
Oh, hiiiii.....wait, you're still here? You didn't go? Why are you still here? I just left my closing signature a mere inches, this is the part where you go comment....
You're still here. Why?
Wellllllllll then.
Okayyyy so you're probably curious now why I didn't end the post already.
If you actually took the time to read all this....props to you! You're smart. And probably a bit suspicious, by now. Good. *rubs hands together*
Well, your efforts shall not be unrewarded. You see, my dear reader, this is not the end of the tale.
Not everything has been laid on the table.
There is still news which I have yet to share.
And with that, I leave you with a single hint.
Bye, y'all. ;)