Saturday, February 23, 2013

Halftee Review!

I was so excited when my Halftee came in the mail the other day. I had heard about these from a friend's blog, and the concept immediately interested me.
In case you're wondering, or have never heard of these before, Halftees are for layering purposes - obviously you wouldn't wear that little tiny mini-shirt above as a regular shirt!
Maybe you have a really adorable blouse in your absolute favorite color...The only problem? Neckline's too low. 
In situations like this...Enter the Halftee! It's a marvelous little half-shirt which, unlike full layering tops, has less fabric and is therefore more practical and convenient...less fabric means it won't be as hot and you won't have a ton of excess fabric bunching up awkwardly.
I was sent a black lace (don't you just LOVE black lace?!) halftee to review. You can find it/buy it here.
Please bear with me on the lame photos. I took them last minute before I had to go to a church band performance, hence the shirt.  Okay, I'll be honest. This is positively the most ugliest shirt in my wardrobe so I guess it's ironic that I paired it with such a pretty little piece. :P BUT anyways. I needed to help Mom with dinner and I had just come from testing my tree-climbing skills in the woods...(don't ask) so...didn't have time to throw together something really fashionable or chic.
And truth be told I just look like an utter mess here.

As you can see, the lace is extremely see-through. I would not recommend this particular Halftee as a cover-up means for a low neckline. I chose this one mainly just because 1., I loveeee black lace and think it is so elegant, and 2., because I had NOTHING black lace in my closet before now. This Halftee is great for dressing up your more plain, everyday stuff.

Like I said, I was a mess. And my hair? This is how it is about 90% of my life. Yeah. Bleh.
I don't usually have the time for nice hairstyles during workdays around the house. We're talking practicality here, people, not fashion queen style.

Notice the intricate lace detail. Very feminine, light and delicate. One thing you should note if you get one of the lace Halftees, is that the sleeves, even on a tall, long-armed girl like myself, are very long
 I got a size large because when I looked at the options on the Halftee website, the sizes appeared to run small and I didn't want to send my Halftee back because it was too small. I am however usually a small or medium in shirts, and I do own a good number of extra-smalls(which ran true to size) in tops as well.
Now, my halftee is fine on me, and judging by the sleeves I probably could have gotten away with a medium, but when you're ordering off the web you just never know. I usually overestimate to be safe.  

As you can see, you can also wear this Halftee with more formal attire... even though this doesn't really match this particular dress...-_- I need to find a solid print dress to pair with the Halftee.
 And yes, these were more last minute messiness photos that I snapped in a matter of minutes. 

If you would like to buy your own Halftee, you can visit their website here. 
 This is my first official review so I'm sorry if I rambled or yacked too long on messes and minor trifles. And once again I apologize for the quality of the pictures. You will probably see a better outfit combination using the halftee in the future on the fashion blog I run.
Anyways, hope y'all are having a blessed weekend!

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  1. That's a real cool idea. I love black lace too though I don't really wear anything that would go with it. My mom thinks I look terrible in black too, but a white one might be nice.