Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Box O' Herbs!

We got home yesterday to discover that our Bulk Herb Store order had arrived! The dogs had started to tear into the box, (If they had been successful in ruining the herbs, I swear I'd have shot them. -_-) but thankfully everything inside was fine.
After watching a number of the BHS's health videos and reading a number of articles I convinced Mom get us stocked up on more Berry Herbal Brew, Brain Booster tea and a variety of other healthful herbs. This shipment was very much anticipated.

Is it strange for a girl to get all excited over a box of herbs, bentonite clay and diatamaceous earth?
And is it even stranger that the girl couldn't resist getting photos, to boot?
In case you didn't already know, I am obsessed with the world of herbs, plants and natural healing. I'd say it is a healthy (haha, pardon the pun!) obsession though since I am training to be an herbalist and naturopath. The knowledge of how to use these ingredients can save lives, if not save a lot of pain and sweat.
I am still debating whether or not to do a WriterlyWednesday post tomorrow, or to instead post a movie review. What do you think? Maybe I'm just being lazy, but with running APOC (Hey, have you checked it out yet? Click here to do so!) and also contributing to Randomosity Writers on Wednesdays, I just haven't been as eager to do WW posts lately. Not to mention the eons of work I have to do with my own personal writing projects. I love writing, y'all, but I guess I just feel kinda overloaded with it right now.  Still pondering how my MMC Griffin's (from my screenplay) recurring nightmares should happen, and what goes on in his mind during their progressions.
Don't you just love plotting how your characters' nightmare should go?  O_O
Bah. Oh well. It'll come to me. And I guess that was totally off-topic as usual.
Just forget I even said anything about writing. Yes. Forget. Think instead about how amazing fenugreek seeds are. ^_^ (Spellchecker hates that word! It's trying to get me to replace it with phonograph and encourager. XP)

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