Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Can you believe it? September is here already!
It's been said a million times but let me say it again - where does the time go?!?
Obviously I've continued to maintain a status of blogging irregularly, and not doing my regular columns like before. I hope y'all understand my reasons for this. Time is precious to me and I want to make sure I spend it the best way I can. Blogging just for fun doesn't fit in that plan anymore sadly.
So please try to understand. I love y'all readers to death, and I hate to neglect this whole thing but "for everything there is a season."
This season of my life, I'm just trying to take advantage of the blessing God has bestowed abundantly on me, and use it to bless others in return.
Ways I am trying to do this:
  • By spending quality time with my family/brothers/parents.
  • Trying to help with projects and endeavors at church.
  • Finishing the projects I've started, musically, writing-wise and film so that others might enjoy the finished products and be pointed to God.
  • Learn as much as I can about the world God's created, and His Word, so I can once again be a blessing to others with knowledge and wisdom to share.
So yeah. These things alone take up plenty of time, and I don't even spend enough time on them as I'd like sometimes. a lot of the time.

This is another of those random ramblings posts. In other news, I cleaned my room and decluttered a number of things I didn't need. Above is my renovated desk bulletin board. Doesn't it look fabulous?
Also, I was notified that I won a writerly survival box giveaway from Meghan at her blog Every Good Word! Today, the package came and it was so exciting. I ran out there at 10:30 PM to retrieve the mail and there it was - this big, fabulous box. (Couldn't get the mail earlier because I was out all day with my lovely grandma, aunt and mother on a shopping trip a couple hours south in snowbird/tourist land!)

The box included a lovely handwritten note from Meghan, a set of mechanical pencils, pens, a planning book, notebook, issues of The Writer magazine, and two writing related books!! Not to mention a pack of M&M's, suh-weeeeet - overall, the collection equals perfection!

I can't wait to read these! Especially that "What Would Your Character Do". *grins*

OTHER delightful news: on Sunday, we got the chance to visit some wonderful, incredibly sweet friends of ours from out of state. We'd not seen them in about a year!!

I love these people. They're like family to me. Everyone has grown up so much though!! It's so immensely hard to believe. I feel so short - as you can see in these two pictures above, I'm not the tallest girl in the bunch here anymore, like the old days. It's scary when you're 5'8" and that is short, next to your friends. Eeek. And I liked being the tallest. *sniff*

Our two families all together. This is quite possibly my favorite picture of 2013 so far. I think I shall insist upon it being printed, framed and hung in some well-noticed spot in our house, okay? Very RARELY do any big group pictures we take result in such a good photo overall. We'll typically have somebody making a face, not looking at the camera, or the photo is out focus. It's hard getting the perfect picture when you have a bunch of kids in the family. So. It's really quite amazing that, this, only the SECOND attempt, turned out so fantastic! We're even slightly color coordinated.
Okay, okay,  I'll stop bragging on this and quit yacking. (In conclusion, I was so thankful for this visit, and it was such a refreshing time of fellowship and fun. Praise God for sweet brothers and sisters in Christ!)
This week has been good. To think of it, so has this whole year.
And the best is still yet to come.
Soli Deo Gloria,

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