Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cowgirl Dirt Natural Cosmetics {review}

I didn't use to wear make-up.
 In fact, the concept is really still very new to me.
I first started wearing some light concealer and foundation last year, to help with covering the acne when I was out in public. Truth is, that's really all I will do most days when I go out.
I've always believed that God has given us gals natural beauty that doesn't require make-up to enhance it. We were made in His image, after all! And His design of the human body/face is certainly nothing to be ashamed of/want to cover over with excessive amounts of cosmetic products.
That being said, I have indeed come to enjoy using light amounts of make-up for special occasions and such. Notice I said *light* amounts. I can't stand to see when women and girls pile on the stuff like it's sunscreen!
So I just wanted to clarify that, for anyone who wondered.
Anyway, today I'm reviewing some NATURAL cosmetic items from Cowgirl Dirt. As most of y'all know, I'm a huge supporter of anything natural, homemade or organic. So I was pretty excited to find this company. So many big cosmetics companies today use ingredients which are harmful and even toxic.

The samples came in a cute burlap-sack style pouch.
I was sent samples of these products:

Both blushes were nice. I personally don't know much about application of blush as I've only just started using it. I like it because it can give a somewhat vintage/retro look. "Ponderosa" is slightly darker than "Buckle" in hue. Both are lovely, relatively mild blush colors. They're easy to apply, also.
The "Arena" bronzer is a nice shade as well. It takes some practice to blend it just write, but that's what foundation is least, as far as I know anyway!

My favorite of the eyeshadows is "Rhinestone". It's a very light, shimmery powder/sky blue and I think it's a great color for eyeshadow. It doesn't make you look overly dramatic or vampire-like, as some shadows tend to do.
It's more of just a fun, mild hue for when you want to add a little shimmer but not go overboard on the color.
The cream foundation is very easy to apply. Cowgirl Dirt offers it in multiple shades, to match each person's skin best. I got in it "Warm, 4" and it seems to match my somewhat-tan/sunkissed skin.  

Overall, it looks like Cowgirl Dirt makes some great, high quality products. And they're made in the USA! Love to support home-country based businesses.
I'm glad to know that when I put on this makeup, it's not riddled with junk and chemicals.
I definitely recommend checking out the shop for yourself. You can get samples of your own for just 99 cents each! And if you're already a make-up user, why not support a locally owned business?
Note: I was sent these products from Cowgirl Dirt in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Love these! I don't wear makeup right now, but when I do, I will definitely have to try this out, and the price is awesome! I personally think it's ok to wear makeup, I don't agree on younger girls wearing it, I know of people who let their six year old girls wear it, which is totally their business,(it's their children, they should have the right to let them have it at whatever age they want) but I think it ok to wear when your older, such as yourself :) I mean yes God made us after his own image, but does that mean we should stop shaving, stop using perfume etc.? I mean God made us smell a certain way, so should we stop using perfume etc.? I hope you get my point, I don't mean to sound like some of those annoying people out there, but just thought I would say my views on the matter :) I did like how you explained it though! And the brand of the makeup has such a cute name!


    1. Belle, no I totally agree! I personally don't think younger girls should be wearing make-up. It doesn't make sense! XP

      Thanks for commenting! Blessings!

    2. Hehee, yeah I know what you mean :)