Sunday, August 18, 2013

Labradorite Viking Knit Necklace {review}

Hola amigas y amigos!
It's time for a long overdue review!
 I trust y'all have had a restful weekend? I have...for the most part. Took a small break earlier in the week, when my family and I had a short beach hiatus. It was pleasant, and I didn't write or edit for two days which was verrrry nice considering all the craziness involving the screenplay lately! Beach breaks can do a world of good y'all.
So, today I'm reviewing a unique handcrafted necklace from Odds and Ends by Kaley.
 It's a Labradorite Double Viking Knit necklace. It originally caught my eye with the title alone. I mean "double Viking knit". That tells you something right there doesn't it? Being a major fan of medieval and ancient styled things, I was immediately interested.
Unfortunately my pictures don't capture the beauty of this necklace.

According to the Etsy listing for this piece, "The technique used to make this necklace is called Viking Knitting, which has been around for centuries. This ancient method of weaving metal wire, forms an intricate, flexible chain, that looks like very detailed chainmaille. The stone paired with this hand woven chain is labradorite- believed by the eskimos to have the northern lights trapped inside.

This necklace was woven with a double viking knit weave in copper. The pendant at the base of the necklace is a gorgeous piece of faceted labradorite with a stunning flash blue flash (some green/gold/purple too!).  I have oxidized and polished the chain to give it an earthen finish. The necklace ends in a handmade S clasp that is easy to work yourself."

This is truly a piece that I would wear in my medieval garb/wardrobe. In fact, everything about it screams medieval to me! I absolutely adore the S clasp. It's one of my favorite things about this necklace.
The labradorite pendant is lightweight and lovely, and depending on how the light catches on it, it can
sport a number of varying hues. Beautiful!
And of course, the wire working is extremely intricate and I can't honestly say I've ever seen anything like it.

Overall verdict? It's a fascinating, lovely piece. If you are into medieval styled jewelry you should definitely check out Odds and Ends by Kaley! There are many other similar pieces, and also some contemporary themed accessories.
Hope everyone is having a blessed summer! I know a lot of people are starting up school once again. It's a crazy thought that the year is more than half-way in, isn't it?

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  1. Gorgeous necklace! Not exactly something I would wear, but it sure is beautiful. =]

    By the way, I have awarded you! Here's the link: