Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Garb For The Screenwriters {review}

Buenos dias, y'all!
(Ha that's a funny pairing of word choices, isn't it?)
I have another review for you today. A little while ago I was sent a Screenplay t-shirt from TheShirtDudes on Etsy.
As y'all probably know by now I'm a big fan of t-shirts. They're practical for a regular day (not to mention comfortable!)  of going about the typical routine, going to the store or doing practically anything that requires casual-wear.
So yeah. I like t-shirts.
I like this t-shirt for obvious reasons.
Obvious reason #1, it mentions screenplays and yes, I like this because I'm a screenwriter. It's kinda amusing - on the Etsy page for this shirt it says "Inside each of us, we are writing an epic cinematic screenplay. But just like life, it's ongoing and hardly seems to finish. Hang on you're almost there! Maybe you'll find new characters to your plot when you wear this unique shirt!"
Obvious reason #2, the design is cool. I like the little ink-well and feather pen paired with the swirly calligraphy loop under the text. The color scheme is a nice contrast, too.
Obvious reason #3, this is a very comfy shirt. Very durable/soft/breathable fabric.
Obvious reason #4, it's a t-shirt. How could it not automatically be a win?
The bottom line? Me gusta esto, mucho. (I like this shirt a lot!)
You should totally check out the TheShirtDudes for yourself. They have a wide, wide variety of different t-shirt designs. I think they'll also send you a cool vinyl sticker if you order something. (I have this "You've CAT to be KITTEN me right MEOW" sticker from them on my desk right now. *grins*)
So there you go. Plenty of reason to take a look at the shop! xD
Note: I was sent this item from TheShirtDudes in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed remain mine and mine alone.


  1. Yep! Love tee shirts, especially really cute/comfortable ones. Cute tee!


  2. I'm 99.9% sure I saw someone wearing a shirt like that recently...I have no idea, actually, but I think I did. XD

    I tagged you on my blog! :D