Monday, September 9, 2013

Tomorrow Begins A Grand Adventure

The NGJ Great Ozark Mountain Shindig is THIS WEEK, people. This. week. I remember when earlier this year we conversed casually about the possibility of going to this event...and now, after months of anticipation and planning here we are!
 I'll admit, we've been very focused on this event.
 Preparing...packing...figuring out how to coordinate the whole trip.
In fact, our trek officially begins tomorrow afternoon. We'll be driving, and stopping in Lord willing at our AL friends' house along the way for a short visit. It's a solid two day drive. We'll be picking up a RV up in Nashville and then driving it the rest of the way to Missouri.
We've never rented a RV before. Daddy's never driven one.
This will be extremely diverting.
I am going to take a ton of pictures and video, documenting the pilgrimage. And maybe, just maaaaaaybe, you'll see some of it when we get back. *wink*
Prayers will be appreciated for traveling mercies, and sharp mental processes for the driver and crew!
Also, that weather would be beautiful and pleasant at the shindig. Thanks y'all!
It should be an excellent test of patience and being a helpful older sister, the trip itself. *snicker* But I need it, I'm typically far too impatient with my siblings and so how can one improve unless they're put to the test? Exactly.
Anyway. Words can't describe how thankful I am to my parents for letting us get this opportunity. My padre in particular has been so very selfless and generous with his time/finances to accommodate us. How could I be anything short of extremely grateful?
I have been looking forward to this event for months. I can't wait to play music with other fellow musically-minded people, to listen to great sessions by some of my personal inspirations/heroes (It's the Pearls after all!!) and meet new friends and likeminded families. It should be an amazing weekend!
In other news, I just discovered some new musics that I've been enjoying a bit too much.
Here they be, so you can enjoy their fluffy wonderfulness too, if you want. Great writing music, you writing peeps. *hint hint*
| "Pompeii" | "Get Home" | "Laughter Lines"  |"The Silence"|  
Andrew Belle
| "Pieces" |
Seven Lions
| "Days to Come" | "The Truth" | "Tyven" |
 So! That wraps it up for today. I was going to go into a random, very raw post about emotional meltdowns and the search for life purpose but that will have to wait till' next time.
Adios amigos, and have a blessed week!


  1. Wow Missouri! We live in Kansas City Missouri, on the state ling in fact, or like five minutes a way from it anyway :P Wow you will be close! I have never heard of what yo u guys are going to, I am going to look it up, sounds like fun!


  2. Sounds like a great opportunity! I hope your trip goes well! :)

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