Sunday, June 2, 2013

Don Homemade Medieval Garb & Take Way Too Many Photos {photoshoot + review}

Greetings, lovely followers!
Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to an amazing seamstress who sent me a handmade medieval corset to review.
Her name is Adrienne Seese, and she runs the costuming site Fantasia Costuming as well as the Etsy shop SewMoochieMarie, where I first found her lovely clothing items.
I was so thrilled when she agreed to making me a custom renaissance corset - is that just awesome or what??
So naturally when I got it in the mail I couldn't wait to try it on an see what it looked like. Originally I was thinking of a cream/tan color scheme, as the corset on the Etsy listing above is shown in, but Adrienne told me that fabric had been discontinued, and she offered to do the corset in a blue fabric scheme.
As you can is absolutely gorgeous! I just love it!

One of the many cool things about this corset - it's reversible!

Now, onto the far-too-many photos in the photo shoot...but before I go any further, you need some context on the day OF the photo shoot!
First of all, my wonderful friends Maygan and Kay helped me sew the dress I'm wearing in these pictures. I am not a machine-sewer, but they were nice enough to let me sew two hems on the dress. *feeling accomplished*  Haha. So yeah, they did all the serious sewing. Needless to say, I'm very thankful for these sweet sisters!
They and their mom had been planning a medieval party for the end of May, for some time. We were all gonna dress up in medieval garb, and do a bunch of fun activities like archery, knife throwing, contra dancing, bonfires, yeah, all that jazz. And we'd been looking forward to it a ton.
When I got Adrienne's corset, I was even more thrilled, because I realized I could add it to my 'Elvish sword-maiden' outfit. And I've never had such an awesome, coordinated medieval ensemble before. Ever. 

It was super muggy when I got these pictures - which figures, doesn't it? I had just gotten into the outfit because we were about to head over to the party at a farm down the road; and I wanted to get pictures for this blog post about the corset. And hey - medieval photoshoots are always fun whether you have a specific reason for them or not. *grins*

I think it's super cool that the corset was made specifically to my measurements. I'm not used to wearing corsets (not since I wore my scoliosis brace, anyways!) so at first it was a little uncomfortable. After some wear, I soon forgot this 'discomfort', and at the party, I pretty much forgot about it.

So I'm always attempting to do these epic-looking motion shots but they never turn like I hope.

Yeah, that's original lighting. And, I was just so in love with the long sleeves that I used this pose practically every chance I could. (you'll see, hehe)


Yelling at my elven friends in the trees because they couldn't do anything about the oppressive  humidity...Just kidding.

Now, some photographs from the actual party. I'll spare you most of them, since I've already flooded you poor people with so many pictures as is. 

Haha, for some reason this reminded me of the private actor trailers they have in Hollywood. Really it was just being used as a place to store extra costuming accessories, shoes, bags etc.


Moi again.

Prosthetic elf ears! (And as you can tell, there was a nice breeze which came in - and pleasantly, caused the humidity to lift. Yayy.)
And now, basically a bunch of pictures Maygan and I got of eachother after we ran around like insane people out in the field at twilight.
Maygan, assembling her kite.

May I repeat? I adore those sleeves.

I kinda wish we'd gotten the group photo earlier on in the evening, but oh well. Thanks to Miss Melanie for these two pictures.

It was a really fun night. We didn't get to do some things on the 'schedule' but with what we did get to do that didn't really matter. I had a blast, and am sure the memories will not be soon forgotten.
Back to the corset though. (Gosh the rambling was baaaaad today wasn't it?) I am not sugarcoating it or flattering needlessly when I say that I just love the piece. It's a charming color, and the way it laces up is really neat and Elvish-looking.
It takes a moment to lace up in the front when you put it on, but I imagine that any lace-up corset would be like this, so that's no big deal.
Overall, I can't list any true negatives about this bodice. From a full night of literally running, sword fighting and dancing in it, I only had to re-lace it a few times and beyond that it was totally fine! (The re-lacing had to be done after the running-around-ridiculously-in-the-field episode...and when I say running, I meant full fledged RUNNING, not jogging.)
I would most definitely recommend Adrienne's shops. Her intricate craftsmanship is very evident, and the corset is unique, wearable and very much one that catches the eye. I got many compliments at the party and several inquiries on where I got such a piece.
So, please check out Fantasia Costuming ! The pricing is reasonable, the quality amazing, and the service friendly and helpful. They offer custom orders, as well as buy-now items. I give them a double thumbs up!
Once again, sorry for this super long post. I was writing it at 3:00 in the morning, trying to get it done before I went to bed...which will probably explain any weirdness that ends up here.
And this week, actually tomorrow, begins our weeklong vacation at ze beach. Whoop whoop!
Therefore you won't be seeing any blog posts from me till' we get back.
What did you think of the corset? Do you like to sew your own costuming pieces?
Note: I was provided this product from SewMoochieMarie/Fantasia Costuming in exchange for my honest opinion/review.


  1. My favorite pic is the third from the bottom. Niiiiice lighting. Did you tinker with it? :D

    When you're doing a photoshoot, I found that it's more flattering if you have whoever is shooting (or do it yourself with a tripod) lower it closer to the ground so you're looking slightly up, or even just crouch down and keep it level. I'm usually much happier with those shots as a whole. :D

    1. Yes, I *did* edit that one, because my face was all red and flushed from having just been wasn't so flattering. :P

    2. It's verra pretty. ^_^

      Also. How do you get all this free stuff? :P

    3. Writing different shops on Etsy and the shopowners being generous enough to let me review their items!

  2. Pretty dress, pretty girl, pretty pictures. :D
    Lovely post! :)

  3. I love all of these pictures. Awesome corset! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Lovely pictures! My family's gone to Williamsburg in VA with a bunch of other people with a ton of kids twice now. Both times, I've done a ton of sewing and made a total of six dresses, three aprons, and some similar stuff in Colonial style. I'm no expert, but I do enjoy it (except for when I get a little impatient and then have to use the seam ripper. Hehe. :P)!

    1. Wow, Amanda, that's quite an extensive amount of sewing! Impressive!

  5. You girls look like you stepped right out of Middle Earth!