Thursday, June 27, 2013

ForStrangeWomen Organic Perfumes {review}

Let it be known, I'm a total perfume junkie.
I can never resist the chance to try new perfumes if they're offered to me. I might be a 'tomboy', but hey, I still like to smell good!
So, anyways, I received two samples from ForStrangeWomen, a shop on Etsy offering a variety of different organic perfume oils/scents.

The first was a sample of the shop's "Violin in the Attic" scent. It came as a single application infused in a ribbon. (Isn't that different? I don't think I've ever seen samples such like this before.)
This scent is a moderately heavy, musky scent which does indeed remind me of old wood...and the title fits it perfectly, because I can very easily picture a rustic violin smelling similar to this!

The other scent was "Fireside Story." This one is considerably heavier, more potent and muskier.
It has a woodsy sort of ambience, and also reminds me slightly of a bonfire, due to the slightly smoky/musky smell it also carries. It is a deep, rich and luxurious scent.

I really like how both these scents are completely organic, and all-natural. I hate putting a bunch of junky chemicals on my skin, because, if you didn't know already, the human skin is extremely quick to absorb anything on its surface! (And who wants toxic substances floating around in your bloodstream?)
They are both quality scents, I can tell. It would've been nice to try a larger sample, but I think it's a neat concept infusing the oil into a ribbon. Not to mention it saves on shipping!
The packaging and design was very professional, and I loved the little emblems on the ribbons wherein the oil was infused.
Find your own "Fireside Story" and "Violin in the Attic" perfumes here. As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, there is a great variety of oils to pick from, and so many creative names! ("Violin in the Attic" instantly got my attention, anyways!)
Note: I was provided these items from ForStrangeWomen in exchange for my honest review.

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