Saturday, June 15, 2013

Porcupine Quills & Chainmail {review}

So, I know it may seem like I've been posting an awful lot of reviews lately. I apologize if this has become excessive to you readers - it's just, that when I get something to review, I don't like to have it sit around for a while without being reviewed. It doesn't feel fair to the person who sent me the item to review - does that make sense?
So. It's not like this blog is going to become solely a place for reviews. I just wanted to clarify. For now, I'm just in a season of being blessed to be able to get to offer opinions on some awesome things, that's all! *grins* And speaking of awesome things, that's why we're here today.
I got sent a unique Handmade Persian Chainmaille bracelet from ShricketHandmades some time ago.

In the beginning, after conversing with the shop's owner, I was expecting this piece to be more chainmail gauntlet styled., and thought I'd let my brother review it.
However, obviously my alleging proved false. Even though this wasn't a piece of semi-armor, as I was expecting, it's still really cool. I decided to review it myself since my brother's not big on jewelry. (he was hoping for chainmail armor, haha)

It's a simple bracelet, and more on the masculine side. I can picture a guy wearing it. However, it's also a unisex piece, and I like simple things because they can add a little something complementary to an outfit, without being "too much".  This bracelet could be worn with basically 99% of my wardrobe - that makes for a pretty versatile accessory.

The metal links are solid and do feel like real chainmail. There is a smaller, less sturdy, standard jewelry chain at the end where the clasp attaches, so that the bracelet could extend for a larger wrist. 
And of course, let's not forget the epic little porcupine quill at the end of that chain. 

This little detail makes all the difference on this bracelet. Honestly, it adds a ton of uniqueness... and boosts the overall coolness, in my opinion. Seriously. Whenever do you find jewelry that has porcupine quills affixed to it? 
Overall, I like this bracelet a lot. It's cool against the skin, making for a nice, practical summer accessory. I do have to be aware of the quill, because it's fragile and I wouldn't want to get it all bent up accidentally. Not to mention, it wouldn't be very pleasant to accidentally stick myself with it!
So...Have you checked out ShricketHandmades yet? If not, well, there's the link - so yes, you should go give them a visit. There's a pair of  neat porcupine quill earrings up right now, and some other chainmail and crochet stuff. Go take a look!
 What do y'all think of chainmail jewelry? What about porcupine quill accessories?
Happy Saturday!
Note: I was provided this item from ShricketHandmades in exchange for my honest review. All opinions remain mine and mine alone.


  1. I love this bracelet, and versatile accessories are the bomb dot com! ;) haha! anyway, I love reading your reviews! :D