Friday, June 14, 2013

MittenMade Hobbit Hat + Paradox Book Cover Release! {review + extras}

Happy Friday, y'all!
Today I have a dual kind of post for ya...A review, and a look at...well, let's just go ahead and get to that, shall we? So, a writer friend just released the *official* cover for his Christian fantasy novel, and has asked people to spread the word about it. I think this book looks quite promising, so, here's a little snippet about it for y'all to enjoy.
Paradox is a Christian fantasy novel aimed at the young adult audience (14-18).

    Here is the premise/back cover description: Four troubled teens, two worlds, one God, one goal: to defeat the Darkness before it's too late. When David, his twin sister Alicia, and their two best friends, Jake and Hannah, stumble through a portal and into another world, Paragon, they discover that they are not who they thought they were... they are descendants of an ancient race known as Starcrafters, and they've been endowed with God-given abilities - impossible abilities.
    They train and learn to harness their abilities. Now, they are ready to take on the Dark Prince.
    Their attack on the prince is interrupted, however, when they are taken by a group known as the Renegades who are after universal domination by means of an artifact known as the Paradox Stone.
    They must escape the Renegades, retrieve the stone, and defeat the Darkness; all while learning to trust one another and work as a team, and to put their faith in the one true God.

    Paradox is being self-published by Outskirts Press and is the debut novel of seventeen-year-old author Brian McBride.
If you want to learn more about this novel, why not check out some of these media pages Brian has set up?

     - Brian's Facebook page 
  - Brian's blog
Now, onto the review segment of today's installment.
It was some time ago, I'll admit, but I was sent an ah-dor-able handmade hobbit hat from the Etsy shop Mitten Made.
Okay, I know it might sound like I say this often in my reviews, but as I've mentioned before I only mention something if I truly mean it! So please don't mistake my notations for fluffed-up flattery.
Anyways, they had me from the get-go, even with the packaging. I mean just look, isn't it perf?
The packaging and business cards suggest a professional manner of business, which I always like to see.
It's soo very soft. I'm kinda really sad that winter is still many a month off, because, well, obviously summer isn't a big time for knitted hats, and I'd really like to wear this places more. *sniffs* (Another big reason to look forward to the cooler months!) But as far as comfy-ness goes, this hat is super comfy.
Attempting a cheesy smile...sadly I'm destined to always flunk cheesy smiles. -_-
I like this color a whole lot because it can practically match with anything.
Overall, I think this is a super cute accessory. It's youthful and charming - perfect for the wintry months of bonfires and roasted marshmallows. *start idealistic daydream here*
If you've not done so yet, you should definitely check out Mitten Made. There are lots of other cute knitted items which, if you liked this hobbit hat, you will be sure to admire!
Oh, and in other news...this blog has officially topped 60 followers!! I'm so thrilled - and you know what? All you readers/subscribers are just wonderful. Thank you for taking the time to put up with my ramblings and nonsense. Gracias, amigos!
Note: I was provided this item from Mitten Made in exchange for my honest review. All opinions remain mine and mine alone.


  1. Fun post! And that is such a cute hat! :D
    You're lovely as always! <3

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I LOVE that hat!!! I'm gonna have to get myself one of those hats. I never was one for knitted what ever you call those hats, but this one I LOVE! Thanks for sharing it! Love the book too!