Friday, June 21, 2013

TonyaRingDesigns Elven Armwarmers! {review}

So, you guys might remember from theses costuming photos I did a post about back in May. Well, I never explained where the lovely green Elven arm warmers which were included as part of my garb came from!
To answer that question finally? They were sent to me from TonyaRingDesigns.

These arm warmers were hand stitched. I really love the deep forest green color, and the white scrollwork stitching - it truly carries an Elvish look!

I wore these to the medieval party back in May, as obvious in the photos above. As I said in that post, I perspired a good deal and was running around, dancing and generally staying pretty active. Therefore, the durability of these gloves got tested pretty thoroughly.
End result? They're solid! A little warm to wear in the end of May/early June, but I didn't mind that all too much. Especially since they matched perfectly with my outfit, and I got numerous compliments on them!

They're a little wrinkled here because this was after a day's use, and trip to the washing machine.

I absolutely love how the end hems come to a triangular point - this is another feature which makes them look quite fantasy-period.

(Sorry these photos aren't prime quality. I was sort of encumbered with horrible lighting and lack of choices for background scenery today.)
I see no visible flaws with this gorgeous pair of arm warmers. Actually, I see no flaws period! Only a beautiful, unique accessory that has obviously been intricately crafted with excellence. 
Overall, I like them a lot and believe they are a splendid addition to my costume wardrobe. They're nice because, as evident in the pictures at the top of the post, you can wear them to appear like fake sleeves of an undershirt or other garment. So you can throw in a classy, Elvish layered look, without wearing a completely separate top underneath!
Of course, you could also wear them totally on their own to look like fabric gauntlets, or fingerless gloves, if you desired. 
To conclude, why not check out TonyaRingDesigns for yourself? You'll find a lovely selection of other handmade arm warmers, gloves and the like. This shop offers nothing less that the highest quality so you'll surely not be disappointed!
Happy Friday!
Note: I was provided this item from TonyaRingDesigns in exchange for my honest review. All opinions remain mine and mine alone.


  1. These look so beautiful! I'm definitely going to check out Tonya Ring Designs. Their armwarmers look so so so so so cool!!!! :D

  2. Wow! Love those! I'm thinking about making myself something like that for my costume wardrobe!


  3. How neat! They look lovely on you. ;)

  4. i love these.... o.o like, I usually don't like the wrist/arm warmers that don't go over your thumb (I don't really know why), but I feel like i would like these. :p does that make sense?? :)


    1. totally! I've never been big on those either. I guess I like these because they're more like add-on sleeves than anything else!

  5. You look exactly like and elf from LOTR and the Hobbit! Now I want to make an elf costume:)

    1. haha now that's a compliment! :D Thanks Sarah! And, you totally should!

    2. I'll tell you if I ever end up making them. I'll have to post picture of them when I do=D