Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wonder & Whimsy in Ice Blue {review}

Howdy y'alls! 
Today I received in the mail a fun package from Wonder and Whimsy
Inside the package, two lovely hand-made things - A hair stick, and matching pair of earrings!
Both, in a gorgeous ice blue shade. 

I know since I just emphasized "ice blue" you're expecting to see photos of the actual accessories right now in the beginning of this post. But, as always, (if you've seen any of my other reviews, you've probably already noticed this tidbit) I love seeing how different shops do their packaging and when I get to see some that have theirs done really cute, I like to mention that in the review too. It may seem a trivial detail, but I think it adds charm to the whole package! 

As you can see, Wonder and Whimsy did an adorable job on the packaging here. 

The lovely earrings. They are very sturdy and I love the weight. They're heavy enough to feel like they're not going anywhere, but light enough for one to wear them comfortably. 

I just adore the colors! Silver and light blue go together so well in my opinion. 

(Apologies for the poor lighting here.)

And now, the beautiful hair stick. This is my favorite piece of the two. 

The flower is a delicate iced glass fixture, and the wood feels sturdy and well constructed.
Just as with the earrings, I love the colors! Especially the icy blue, almost translucent quality of the flower petals. So feminine and lovely! 
When skimming over the Wonder and Whimsy Etsy store page, I'll admit this piece was one of the first to catch my eye. Maybe because I've always been drawn to blue hues!

  My hair is really long and thick so I appreciate a solid hair stick with a good sizable length, to fit all my hair in. This stick met my hopes in that area, and it wears like a dream!

I look forward to wearing this adorable stick places. Hair sticks are a HUGE part of my 'hair wardrobe' so to speak, and putting my hair up in a bun or top knot with a hair stick is my default/go-to style that can be done in literally about 20 seconds. It's one of the most practical ways for me to style my hair and also by far the easiest way to hold on to a measure of elegant-ness while also trying to be practical and not having your hair flopping about in your face all day!
For you girls with longer, thicker tresses, if you haven't tried hair sticks to put your hair with, I definitely recommend them! And Jenny, of Wonder and Whimsy can definitely make you something beautiful if you're looking to get one!

Even my mom, who has shoulder-length hair, admired this stick.  I put her hair up in a little twist bun, stuck this stick in, and it contrasted beautifully with her blond waves. I think I will have to be sharing it with her now since she likes it and wants to wear it out also!

The bottom line: Jenny makes gorgeous, well-crafted accessories. I don't know if I'd pay 28 dollars for a hair stick, or ANY hair thing really, (I'm such a cheapskate with my money!) BUT if you had a little extra cash (I don't, haha! Hence why I must be thrifty!) or didn't mind paying that sum, Wonder and Whimsy's hair sticks look to be worth the cost and I definitely recommend them!  

You can check out the shop by clicking here. Jenny has a TON of other hair sticks to look at as well as a myriad of earrings and other jewelry items!

Also, if you do that, you will probably want to take a peek at Jenny's blog, where you can read "behind the scenes" posts on how Jenny makes her items, and what else she's up to in her life! 

Thank you Jenny for providing these lovely pieces to review today! I enjoyed getting to do this review and I hope all y'all enjoyed it, too.

Speaking of y'all, what did you think? What's your favorite color to wear in jewelry and hair accessories?

Have a blessed day,

Note: I was provided this item from Wonder and Whimsy in exchange for my honest opinion/review.


  1. Beautiful, Leah! It is a wonderful accessory for your hair color and the earrings are gorgeous! =]

    Whenever I put my hair up, I usually use bobby pins to hold a bun or braid... So, I don't really have a favorite color to wear, but I love ribbons! And a white ribbon in my dark brown hair looks pretty to me ^__^

    1. Thanks for commenting, Sarah! And, I use bobby pins too, although usually a scrunchie for putting it up just around the house. The white ribbon contrasting with your dark hair sounds lovely!