Monday, April 22, 2013

LOTR/Hobbit Inspired Glass Pendants {review}

How many of y'all have read or watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy? I have yet to read the books, and am really looking forward to doing so, but I recently watched the films for the very first time with my brother and am now a huge fan of anything LOTR related.

The other day, I was sent two beautiful pendants to review, from Third Wind Studio, (Also, a little "You're Not Alone pendant") which were LOTR inspired, thus making them all the more awesome!

They came in adorable little bags with handwritten notes included! These glass pendants were blown by hand, and Joseph Chastain, the crafter, says that "no two crystals are the same!"  I believe it, the craftsmanship of these two pieces is unique and intricate. 

Let's start with the Galadriel Pendant. 

When I first was looking through the Third Wind Studio Etsy shop, this is what first caught my eye.  
I love the design of this pendant. It's very unique, and I can definitely see the Galadriel influences. The glass itself is beautiful. Taken from the Etsy listing for this piece, concerning how it was made: "On these Quartz pendants I added a third technique or "Third Realm for the Hobbit fans" of vines spiraling up the stem. Resembling inside cut crystal effect. It refracts the Light beautifully!"

The spiraled vines add a striking, Elvish-looking element to the overall appearance of this piece. 

Even the copper wiring adds dramatic detail and contrast!

This piece is so light-weight and easy to wear! 

Overall, I give this piece a double thumbs up! It is very elegant... Just like Galadriel! 
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Now on to the Arkenstone piece.

When Joseph offered to send an Arkenstone piece as well as the Galadriel pendant, I couldn't refuse! Will and I also just watched The Hobbit (it was excellent by the way!) and I'd definitely say this piece reminds me of dragons and mountain gems!

It has very intricate detailing. I love the "dragon scales" effect on the top fixture, and, Will even pointed out the piece holding the glass globe looks rather like an imitation of dragon claws!

The glass piece is, like with the Galadriel, pristine and other-worldly. It also reflects light well also. 
The silver wiring at the top adds even fuller detail and truly completes the look.

As with the Galadriel pendant, I give the Arkenstone necklace another double thumbs up! It has such a medieval/fantasy aura to it...and you know how I love medieval/fantasy influences!

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A huge shout-out to Joseph at Third Wind Studios for providing these lovely items for review here on Apassionata. Both were such fun to review! 

Why not head over and check out the Third Wind Studio Etsy shop? There are a TON of other cool blown-class jewelry and accessory items to see. Also, you could be really nice and like Third Wind Studios on Facebook!

What do y'all think? Which was your favorite pendant? If you could pick *one* thing from Third Wind Studios, what would it be?

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Soli Deo Gloria,
a.k.a. Leah Kathryn 

Note: I was provided these items from Third Wind Studios in exchange for my honest review/opinion.


  1. Oh. My. Word. So pretty!!

    As a big long-time fan of LOTRs and Hobbit these necklaces are just amazing. I want one. lol

    Nice review! ;)

  2. I'm a huge fan of Lord of the Rings and those are beautiful. I definitely want one. :D

  3. Oh those look amazing, so beautiful!