Thursday, April 18, 2013

Links to the Past Chainmail Bracelets {review + giveaway!}

Greetings y'all!

Today I received in the mail an awesome package from Links to the Past, a shop which fuses modern and ancient alike in its cool chainmail jewelry and accessories. 

I was sent a Slytherin bracelet and also a custom-ordered blue and black bracelet. (Click on the first link to find where you can get your own green Slytherin bracelet!)

Both of these bracelets are surprisingly stretchy. They are very lightweight and made from a durable plastic/resin-ish material which is what allows them to stretch. The middle links are metal. The green one, which I'm keeping, has silver metal links in the middle, which I like. The colors are a nice contrast.

LTTP was very quick in sending out the package. I had barely finished corresponding with them, and already the package had arrived! So a huge thumbs-up for speediness in shipping. 

The packaging was simple but professional. 

Both bracelets are very comfortable to wear. My favorite thing about them is there "rugged", metal-inspired look.  I'm pretty sure my brothers would wear one if they had it, since it isn't overtly feminine or girly. In fact,  these could appeal to either guy or girl!

And of course, what makes these bracelets the most unique is their chainmail inspired look. In my book, anything chainmail related is already going to be inherently epic!

SO. Overall, I give these bracelets a thumbs-up. They're simple, yet durable; as well as inexpensive and not to mention sure to please any medieval or chainmail enthusiast! *grins*

If you'd like to see more of LTTP's work, check out their Etsy shop, or "like" them on Facebook! Also, find them on Tumblr! They're currently having a promotion where you can buy one of their bracelets and get another half off, so don't miss out! Click here.

Now, the fun part for y'all! Links to the Past also donated an item for a.... *drum roll please* *brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*....giveaway!
You can have the chance to win this cool, edgy blue and black chainmail bracelet just by entering the Rafflecopter widget below!

Tell your friends about it, and be sure to check out Links to the Past! (A big shout-out to them for hosting this review on Apassionata!)

Note: I was provided this item from LTTP in exchange for my honest review.


  1. The bracelets appear quite sturdy, as if they could withstand being tugged/chewed/yanked by children.

    1. Yes, I'd agree. Another added benefit!

    2. Definitely - I make ones with similar materials and I double-checked - they are strong and non-toxic, both rubber and metal. My kid chews and pulls on them a lot. Stretchy necklaces made out of these materials are good for babies to play with when breastfeeding I've found.

  2. Cool bracelets! :) I love chainmail. :)

  3. Sweet. I love history and jewelry and chain mail is awesome, so... :)

  4. That jewelry looks super cute!
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    Thanks for reading!
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  5. I've never seen anything quite like it. Pretty cool

  6. This is a really cool bracelet! I've seen people make pop tab bracelets with a similar effect but they can sometimes get uncomfortable to wear.