Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fragrance Oils From Middle Earth! {review}

For the last several days I've been having a delightful time testing out two different perfumes (actually one is a cologne but I'll get to that later) sent to me from Anam Cara on Etsy.
As you can see in the photo above, I was sent a soap sample, and the two mini fragrance flasks.
Let me tell you there wasn't a single thing in this package which didn't smell good!
Firstly, I'll have y'all know I am a particular sucker for perfumes and body mists, and have been thus since I was first given a squirt of a grandmother's or aunt's perfume, as a young girl. I just love that there are so many different varieties of fragrances available to use these days, and it seems we will never be able to try them all!
So, as I was skimming over some LOTR themed shops on Etsy, and noticed the listing for a Galadriel inspired perfume oil, I got excited instantly and thought it would make for a splendid review product.
I mean, how can one not love the idea of a perfume that was inspired by a Tolkien character??
Exactly. You can imagine how thrilled I was when I got contacted by Sherry of Anam Cara/Red Deer Grove, about doing this review!
Beside the Galadriel perfume, I was also sent a sample of the shop's Legolas inspired cologne oil. (Which was almost equally as exciting as getting the Galadriel oil!)
Legolas Cologne Oil
(Photo taken from Anam Cara/Red Deer Grove's Etsy listing for the Legolas oil.)
When I heard about this oil being included in the package as well, immediately I thought I'd let my teen brother Will try it out since obviously, well, cologne is intended for the male gender!
Personally, if I didn't know what the title was I'd have thought it was a perfume and not a cologne. It smells HEAVENLY. Very rich and earthy. I'd describe it as also having a slightly woodsy ambience.
Will said he thought it smelled affeminiate and he didn't like it. Of course, that's also coming from a lad who doesn't like any cologne PERIOD with the exceptions of Drakkar, which our dad occaisionally uses. So I wasn't really surprised. And, after conversing some with Sherry, I learned from her that the Legolas cologne may actually be used by either men or women; it being a unisex fragrance.
To be honest? I loveth it.  I can picture a man wearing it, but I have no problems with wearing it myself, and I'd definitely recommend it as a delicious fragrance.
Galadriel Concentrated Perfume Oil
(Photo taken from Anam Cara/Red Deer Grove's Etsy listing for the Galadriel oil.)
About the Galadriel perfume, I share the same sentiment. It is equally luscious and so rich and feminine! I'm already thinking about purchasing the full-size flask of this oil when the sample vial runs out. It's that good. And you know, it does smell to me like something I can picture Galadriel wearing. ^_^ I guess I never really thought about how LOTR characters might smell, well, I take that back. Some of them...Gimli, and Gollum for example - I had a pretty clear picture of how they might smell! *pinches nose* (Random trivia of the day, sorry.)
The only negative to both these fragrance oils? I can't seem to get enough of them.
Find where you can buy your own Galadriel or Legolas inspired perfume/cologne by visiting the Anam Cara/Red Deer Grove shop either here or here.
Sherry has a TON of other fantasy-inspired fragrances which you are sure to love!
Many thanks to Anam Cara/Red Deer Grove for providing the items for this review. It's been such fun getting to test these oils for myself!
What do y'all think? If you could wear a perfume or cologne inspired by Middle Earth, would you? What do you think certain LOTR character may have smelled like? (Haha, somehow that sounds rather awkward a question, doesn't it?)
Have a blessed day!
Note: I was provided these items from Anam Cara/Red Deer Grove in exchange for my honest review/opinion.


  1. That's so cool!!!!!!!!!!!! LOTR perfume sounds like an awesome thing!

  2. That's such an awesome idea. The Galdriel perfume would be cooler if it was in a vial like the one she gave Frodo.

  3. I'm sld! Now all I need is actual money...haha.

    Ps, I'm visiting from your comment on my blog and I must say I'm impressed! I love that I've finally found a blogger who loves LOTR as much as me! :) I look forward to reading more of your posts! :)


    1. Bethy! So glad you are liking the blog! And thanks for commenting. I look forward to reading more of your posts as well!