Thursday, April 25, 2013

Latin Phrases...Hand-Stamped! {review}

 One of my favorite jewelry articles has always been rings. They add a little bling to my hands when they fly across the keys, or plunk away on the guitar strings. They're not too hard or impractical to wear, and they're simplistic enough to not clash with other jewelry pieces you might don, for the most part.

This ring I received from  StampinOffThePath is truly an adorable addition to my collection and the phrase  embedded is one of my favorites.

"Seize the Day". For you who didn't know already, "carpe diem" is Latin. Who doesn't love Latin!?! I think it has such an elegant flow to it. And it reminds me a tad of Spanish, which is one of my favorite languages and currently something I'm learning...or trying to learn, anyways. *laughs*

Anyway. This ring was hand-stamped, and it is very sturdy and durable. You can change the size easily by bending the metal...and don't worry, as I said, it's not going anywhere!

I love the design. Modern, edgy, but classic and simple. My kind of style!

Okayy so I looked really wierd here.  I didn't know my eyes would like all bugged out like that...really, the only point of this photo is to show what the ring looked like on my hand.  So ignore my odd expression please, haha. 

Find where you can get your own Carpe Diem ring by clicking here. Why not check out the whole shop while you're at it, too? There are some pretty cool things! I just love the metal stamped look in this shop! (click here to check them out!)

A huge shout-out to StampinOffThePath for sending me this super-neat ring.

Hope y'all enjoyed this review! 
What do you think of Latin phrases inscribed on jewelry? 


Note: I was provided this product from StampinOffThePath in exchange for my honest review/opinion.

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