Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Live Action Continues to Expose Planned Parenthood Lies...

This is really nothing new, and quite expected, really, from Planned Parenthood, but it still disturbs me how their very own company president could lie so blatantly like this.

Not saying that other company/organization presidents and CEOs don't lie also, because I know that countless do. We're human beings who mess up.

But I have always been against Planned Parenthood for the very reason concerning how they are one of the biggest abortion-providers in the country. That alone has made them "the bad guys" in my eyes.

Obama obviously supports them. Which is no surprise. And only reaffirms why I am anti-Planned Parenthood.

But anyways. This post wasn't to tell you why I am against their slaughterhouses. (Oops, I mean 'organization')

I just wanted to share that link up there ^^ at the top of the page, with you. Read it for yourself and pass it on so that others can be made aware of P.P.'s lies and propaganda.

They just never stop.


  1. They sure don't, do they? It's sad :(

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