Monday, October 22, 2012


As it gets cooler, I look forward to having more and more bonfires outside.
We have been having some lately, tonight was one of those evenings. I don't really photograph fire much but I had the notion a few days ago and finally acted on it today.

I also had the notion to take a couple photos of me with one of my knives. I have this thing about self-portraits with knives in them, yes, I know it is beyond crazy. It may or may not be slightly creepy. I don't know. You tell me.

I didn't intend to appear so...well, how would you describe it? Angry? Dark? Insane? Hm.

Maaaayyyybbeeeee I was picturing myself as Kelita, one of the characters from a screenplay I hope to film one day. Kelita, in one of her "don't you dare mess with me" moods, that is. :P
 Maybe I was being a bit overly dramatic.

And that spot above my eye, below, here? A mosquito I didn't have a chance to swat at.
One of these days I will have to rant to y'all about our horrid amount of those nasty little devils. Ugh.

How has your Monday been? Crazy, insane? Maybe a tad dark? No? Well, I'd love to hear about it, anyways.

Con amor,


  1. You are awesomesauce in a jar. I love these photos. You don't look like someone I would want to mess with. ;) And nice depth of field in that second fire photograph.