Sunday, July 7, 2013

"Marred Legacy" - New Piano Composition!

Hello friends!
Today I finally quit procrastinating and uploaded another of my compositions which was two weeks ago? Well, I recorded it on the same day which "Pursuit of the Dragon" was. So.
Anyways, probably started working on it back around January. Hard to recall exactly when. I do know it's been around for a number of months.
This is probably my favorite song which God let me write, for piano anyways. It's so much fun to play, and I can put a ton of emotion into it if I feel like doing so.
The title is "Marred Legacy" because it was inspired by Arden, the rebellious king in my medieval WIP. The plotline of this manuscript concept was partially inspired by Rehoboam of the Old Testament, a son of Solomon and king of Judah upon his father's death.
Arden, like Rehoboam, didn't heed the words of his father and thus fell prey to the counsel of foolish companions. The gist of the whole story? His kingdom falls because of the unwise decisions he makes. It's a grave, daunting loss; and his family legacy is left forever marred by a tainted name - his own.
Just as I thought of Arden when first messing around with this song, I also was reminded of the history of mankind, in general.
Because of Adam's disobedience, humanity would be forever scarred with sin and imperfection. Human beings would be separated from the presence of their Creator, and require a savior to redeem them from their terrible condition.
The human legacy has been forever marred, just by the choice of one man.
But, while all this may sound dark and dreary, I never like to focus entirely on the bad in life. Therefore, in my music I like to include at least one bit which is of a lighter, more positive mood, even if the rest of the piece is quite melancholy.
After all - nothing is completely hopeless, is it? God did provide a way out for us. He did extend grace towards us, his flawed, rebellious creations.
No, we aren't without hope, in the least bit. Because of the blood Jesus shed on the cross, we can live and hope for a day when we will no longer be stained by imperfections. One day, in His presence, that will all be forgotten. There will only be the mind-blowing magnificence and splendor of getting to fellowship directly with the Maker, who formed you in your mother's womb! Isn't that a thrilling thought?
This song has lots of meaning, to me. I am thankful that the Spirit allowed me the chance to put it together, and hope you guys are blessed by it! Please tell me what you think!
Soli Deo Gloria,
P.s. The blog is now at 70 subscribers!! And you know what that means - a giveaway as promised! I'm going to start putting together one ASAP so keep your eyes peeled!


  1. Lovely composition! This one has to be my favorite so far. =] I love that you share the background of these pieces, it gives the listener an idea of the story. Is there a CD of these compositions?? I would gladly spend my money on something like this. Beautiful title, by the way! It draws one into the music. Is there any way we readers could get a glimpse of your work in progress with Arden? It sounds absolutely enthralling! Maybe a few snippets? ^__^


    1. Thank you so much, Sarah! No, there's no CD *yet*. I have no idea how to go about cutting a CD professionally!
      And about Arden, you can see a pretend book cover on my Writing Projects page... I might just consider doing a little snippet post one of these days. ;)

  2. So Beautiful! You did a great job on this one Leah! You are just so so very talented =) Keep up the good work.