Wednesday, July 17, 2013

70 Followers Giveaway!! TWO WINNERS!

Soooo guess what we have starting today, folks?
A GIVEAWAY. Yesss, that's right, finally another giveaway! The occasion? This blog reached 70 followers about two weeks ago.
I can't believe how this blog has grown in the last year. You all have really blessed me with your encouraging comments and just the fact that you take the time to even read my crazy stuff. I know I'm a mess and hard to put up with a lot of the time. So, just so you peoples know, I love you guys. Thank you for being who you are!
Sooooo. I guess most of y'all probably didn't know that I am actually already a published author.
Self-published, I'll admit, but still published. So there.
Anyways. How that applies to today's big giveaway?
When I was 12 years old, my awesome writer/journalist dad helped me self-publish my first poetry book. How exciting that was for me way back when.
Now, it is pretty amusing getting to look back and read the work of a 12 year old version of me!

When I was 14, another volume came along, also once again self-published with the help of my dad's skill. I'm a lot more 'proud' of this one I'll admit, since my writing greatly improved in those two years.

So. Today, I'm giving away a copy of both books, plus a pack of organic eye shadows from Willow Tree Minerals, and a pair of homemade earrings from Wonder and Whimsy.
So, I think this time I'm gonna split this into two different winners. Two lucky peeps will get something here - a poetry book, and either some eye shadow or earrings! How fun is that? Now you have all the more chances to win. *wink*
(Note to any guys who might be reading this/might want to enter. I know there's girly stuff predominantly in this giveaway...the eye shadow, earrings...I wish I had something to include that was more masculine. :P So. If you want to enter just for one of the books, and say you do *win*, I can leave out the eye shadow/earrings or give them to another winner. :P)

Now get entering! And why not spread the word around about it, too? Pretty please?
Have fun and 'good luck!'


  1. Gah! I really want to read your poetry books haha. :P Some of the poetry I wrote when I was younger... *shakes head.*

    My favorite thing about summer so far... hmmmm... Well, meeting you for one thing! And I also enjoyed camp. :)

  2. Lol, yeah, I think I'll pass on the eye shadow and earings. :)

  3. And my favorite thing so far this summer has been writing my new story. :)

  4. My favorite part of summer this year was probably camp at the Wilds in June. :) But starting my Heart Torn in Two Suspian fanfic was definitely a close second!

  5. Congrats on breaking 70 followers! The earrings are beautiful. :)

  6. Yay! 70 followers! Wow! I so want the earrings! Oh and everything else :P


  7. Just discovered your blog, and already love it!


  8. Those earrings are so adorable! :D
    Congrats on having over 70 followers! So exciting!


  9. I love poetry! And the earrings are gorgeous! Thanks for hosting this giveaway! Congrats on the 70 followers =D

  10. My favorite thing about summer so far has been my trip to Indiana with my youth group! Absolutely life-changing and eye-opening in many ways! :)

  11. 70 followers is....simply fantastic.

    My favorite thing from this summer has probably been the people I've met. I learn from them and with them and appreciate them more and more as I get to know them better.

  12. My favorite thing about summer has been vacation!

  13. Leah, you could give some frogs from Will's pond to the guys! Or a box of mud.

    1. Hey, that WOULD be a cheap prize idea. ;) Haha.