Friday, May 10, 2013

White Tree of Gondor Pendant Necklace! {review}

Howdy, y'alls!
Well, after some brief technical glitches I'm back again, bringing you another review post, this time, generously hosted by KaielDesigns!
SO. I was sent an awesome White Tree of Gondor necklace.
First off, the packaging alone was just so perfect! And, I don't know if it was intentionally done this way or not, but it actually happened to even match the pendant!

And as far as the pendant goes, I'm in love with it. Well okay. It's a piece of jewelry, maybe that's a little over the top to say about such a thing. But you get my point. ^_^ I really, really like it.

It is a very solid piece; actually, both the pendant and chain are quite solid. I love the length of the chain, and of course I adore the pendant's style, being a big LOTR fan! More specifically, another reason I like this is because one of my favorite characters from the series happens to be Aragorn. And who can tell me where he came from and eventually ruled as king? *winks*
So yeah. I have been wearing this everywhere.

To be honest? It's one of my favorite review items I've received so far.
And, not to mention, I've already gotten several compliments from fellow LOTR fan friends of mine. *grins*

Hannah, the owner of KaielDesigns, even included a handwritten note! I just love handwritten letters and notes so this made it all the more fun.

Here you'll notice the firm backing of the pendant.

And, another view of the front since I couldn't help but take another picture.
The bottom line: I give this a double thumbs up, and if I had more thumbs, I'd add them to the rating too! So, cutting through the totally-random lingo right there, what I'm saying is, I really, really like this piece and would certainly recommend this shop.
Purchase your own White Tree of Gondor necklace here!
Speaking of which, why not head over and check it out for yourself? (Click here!) There are some really cute necklaces and other geeky accessories!
What did you think of this review? Which is your favorite Middle Earth country/province?
Note: I was provided this item from KaielDesigns in exchange for my honest review. All opinions remain my own.


  1. It's beautiful!! :) Good review!

    As for my favorite Middle Earth place, The Shire or Lothlorien. Or Rivendell!! I can't really ever decide. It's all so beautiful :)

    1. You know, I have to agree with you there!

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