Wednesday, May 8, 2013

ColorCove Narnia Necklace {review}

I was sent this adorable Chronicles of Narnia necklace from ColorCove a couple weeks ago.
Since I was young girl, the Chronicles of Narnia has been a series much beloved on my bookshelf, and the first Disney film they made, the rendition of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", I love almost as much as the book itself.  
Well guess what is on this necklace?

That's right, cover art from the second novel in C.S. Lewis' treasured fantasy series!

Isn't that so cool? I love the old, booksy feel the art on the tile pendant has.

The pendant came with two different means of stringing - one, a maroon two-piece ribbon, and the other, a blue chord shown above. Personally I liked the maroon ribbon best. It gives a nice contrast with the glass pendant.

I know my face looks disgusting with all the acne...Or, as we call it in the south, zits. But that will be a post to come in the future, maybe for FabHealthFriday - acne/zit prevention....*sigh*
Anyways. I'm getting off topic already. (As usual!)
Overall, I think this a very cute necklace, especially for those who are great Narnia fans!
If you'd like to get one of your own, here's the link!
ColorCove has literally myriads of other glass tile necklaces, military dogtag style pendants, and more...Why not take a look at their shop?
I know there's been so much lately here about LOTR...but what do y'all think of Narnia inspired jewelry?
Note: I was provided this item from ColorCove in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. I am tagging you for the the Liebster award! to find out what this means check it out here:

  2. Oh it's beautiful! I adore Narnia so much! :) This makes me incredibly happy. :)

    I heard a wise saying once; "You are really the only to notice your pimples because everyone else is worried about their own." Or something like that...:)

  3. so sorry--I forgot to add the questions you need to answer!!
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  4. Your gorgeous,I have terrible acne sometimes and believe me yours isn't even close. Beautiful pendent by the way ;)

  5. Oh I love it! And I agree, the maroon is the best. :) I love Narnia. I have forever. :)