Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Keep Calm & Keep On Dreaming {review}

Good evening, peoples!
Today I bring you another review post, because, some time ago I was sent a glass tile necklace from Moodies By Jen.
It's actually a bit greener than the pictures portray, but you know how it is with trying to capture things on camera. It just doesn't never does the actual thing justice, does it?
I liked this particular one because of the unicorn, and optimism in the "keep on dreaming" line.

The chord material is rather peculiar. It's rubbery - which is kind of weird for necklace stringing. I guess the black chord just doesn't look as classy as a traditional chain. It works though and at least it isn't scratchy on your neck like some chain necklaces.

The pendant itself is solid, as it's a glass tile. The chord is fastened together okay enough, but it isn't nearly as tough.

I believe this is the signature of the creator.

I like this necklace, overall. It's cute, unique and "me".
While we're on the same topic, as I was just looking through the Moodies By Jen Etsy shop again, I came across this.
I swear if I were to buy another necklace from this shop, I'd definitely get this one.
  It's perfffff, and also very "me". As much as I like the one I was sent, I wonder how I missed this one. *scratches head*
Keep Calm and Direct on, retro style, color choices, acting, movie, producer, Director
So, overall, these are cool pieces of jewelry. On the more simple side, but fun and nerdy.
Check out the Moodies By Jen. shop and you'll find scores of other "Keep calm and..." tile necklaces. Scores is not an exaggeration, either.
Note: I was provided this item from Moodies By Jen in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Hi Leah! I like your necklace. We invented one of those sayings looonngg ago. You want to hear it? "Stay Calm, Go To Mom." :) Ha Ha!