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Silba Body and Skin Care {review}

Good afternoon lovelies! How was everyone’s weekend? Today I have another awesome product review for you guys, and your skin is going to love it! We are featuring Silba Body and Skin Care today, with all natural facial care products from Silke Bayer, an International Certified Aromatherapist. It’s time to pamper your skin!

I was excited to get to try out the facial care line from Silba Body and Skin Care.  I was sent a sample of each of the following: Lavender/Tea Tree Face Wash, Grapefruit Face Wash, Rose Toner, Rosemary Toner and Lavender/Frankincense Toner, Vanilla Infused Facial Jojoba Oil, Citrus Splash Facial Scrub, Rose Hibiscus Mist, and three different lip balms – lavender/geranium, lemongrass, and peppermint.

Before I go on, I must comment on how professional all of these products looked. The packaging was so pretty and even color coordinated. It was so much fun trying out each of the items! And now here’s my breakdown on each one.

Lavender/Tea Tree Face Wash
So, this facial wash smells awesome. The combination of lavender and tea tree works really well. This is a good facial wash if you have dry skin. I know the label says for “all skin types”, but I have oily skin and felt that this was a bit too moisturizing for my own skin type. Of course, my preference in facial washes is to have a wash that leaves my face feeling clean and dry, instead of clean and moist. That might sound kind of silly, since a lot of people struggle with dry skin, but I’m the opposite. Anyways!

Grapefruit Face Wash
Once again, awesome scent on this facial wash.  I love citrus scents so this one really got my interest. It’s similar to the lavender/tea tree wash in consistency, so refer back to my previous statements above. If you have dry skin, you’re going to love this stuff! If you have oily skin like me, you might find it a little too heavy on the moisture.


Rose Toner
Have you used a facial toner before? These things are the bomb. I love to use a good facial toner in the morning when I first wake up, or in the evening before bed after showering. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, but also moisturized. The rose toner was designed for “dry/normal/and or sensitive skin.”  I love the scent of rose and this supplied just the right amount of moisture. Definitely a fan! Hubby liked the scent on me, too. *wink*

Rosemary Toner
This toner was described as being best for “oily/acne prone/combination skin.” Of course this was one of the first toners I tried, since I definitely fall into that category. While I normally wouldn’t gravitate towards rosemary as a scent for body products, this toner smells very pleasant. I like the consistency and feel like it compliments my skin type. Another YES, to this toner!

Lavender/Frankincense Toner
Originally I was going to pick a favorite of the three toners, but now that I think about it, I like them all equally in a different way.  They each offer a unique scent and moisturizing quality, and I’ve enjoyed using all three!
The lavender/frankincense toner is definitely awesome, because it’s promoted as being great for all skin types. It’s not heavy on the moisture and it leaves my skin feeling awake and refreshed. It’s almost like the feeling of splashing cold water on your face on a hot day - but with a lovely scent to it, and also additional skin vitality benefits. Can I just say the addition of frankincense made this toner all the more amazing? Definitely another WIN!

Vanilla Infused Jojoba Facial Oil
This facial jojoba oil smells so warm and delicious.  The ingredient list is delightfully simple, too. Just pure jojoba oil infused with vanilla, and vitamin C.  I honestly feel like I’m rewarding my skin with this decadent oil. A small amount goes a long way!

Citrus Splash Facial Scrub
While I love the citrus scent, I wasn’t super hyped about this particular item’s consistency. When I think of a scrub, I think of exfoliating textures that are relatively easy to wash away. This product felt more lotion-like to me than scrub-y. I tested it in the shower while going through my normal routine and felt like it was a little too moisturizing and heavy on the oils to be a facial scrub.   Going back to the whole moisture thing, though, if you have a lot of dryness, your skin would probably love this!
For example, my husband liked this. He tried it and said it felt really moisturizing on his face. His skin gets really dry after being in the sun a lot, so it worked well for him.

Rose Hibiscus Mist
Okay, so this mist was actually one of my favorite things in the whole box! Y’all know I love anything rose scented, and the fact that hibiscus flowers were infused here just made it a whole lot better.  If you want to feel refreshed, spray this mist near your face and enjoy! You can use this mist to set your makeup, too. I love the floral undertones and how easy it is to use this mist. Another win!  

Lip Balms
All three lip balms are the perfect consistency and provide excellent moisture to dry, chapped lips. The scents are not over-bearing at all. They remind me of summer! The lavender/geranium scent is unique, and I’m not sure I’ve ever tried a lip balm with that combination before. Initially you smell the geranium first, but the lavender compliments it nicely.
The peppermint scent is on point – probably my favorite of the three. The lemongrass scent smells just like real lemongrass. Believe me, I would know, I’ve grown lemongrass before.


Overall, my conclusion is that Silba Body and Skin Care provides a luxurious, all-natural facial care line that is particularly awesome for people with dry to normal skin.
 And as somebody with oily/acne prone skin, I am a big fan of the facial toners, vanilla oil, and facial mist! 

The products in the Silba Body and Skin care facial line will leave your skin feeling hydrated and free of harmful, synthetic chemicals. 
You should try them out today and let me know what you think! 
Be on the watch for their new, upgraded body care line coming soon!

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