Sunday, December 27, 2015

//the power of peace

What is /peace/?
It is not the absence of conflict. It is not the absence of turmoil or hardships. 
It is definitely not the lack of tribulations or trials. 

Peace is something I think we all desire. 

Because even the humans that possess all the world's riches, power and charms still end up committing suicide, or ruining their lives because of their inward misery. 

In simple terms, they die for lack of /peace/. 

In a world that is spinning 1,040 miles per hour, our lives seem to whiz by at even greater speeds.
And even though we never notice the rotation of the planet we spend all our lives firmly planted on, we sure get caught up in every form of stress possible. 

We are addicted to constant activity, to constant entertainment and constant /stress/ - even when we aren't aware that we are. Stress comes in many forms. 

Peace is so much simpler, but sadly, when we let ourselves be overwhelmed with the constant act of always engaging in something, we can lose the connection with the subtle beauty of true peace.
It's easy to do because peace isn't a flashy thing that demands you to notice it. Unlike happiness, excitement or passion, it is quiet and unassuming. 

But even when you sit an do /nothing/ peace isn't inherently there. (it sure is nice to just stop and do /nothing/ but exist now and then though)

Peace is knowing that even though you have enemies, it doesn't matter in the long run. 

Peace is the comfort of knowing that, despite the world crumbling around you, you're going to make it out safe and sound.

Peace is the sense of free-falling when you release all worry or concern over things you have no control about. Everything from major life questions that haven't been answered yet to financial needs and desires for the future. It's a little unsettling at first because you feel like you're dropping out of the air with no parachute. 

You only see the parachute puff out above you until after you make the jump. 

Peace is powerful and life-changing, because it completely affects your being once it settles in your soul. 
It calms your internal tempests when you come face to face with the greatest external hurricanes. 
Only when you are full of peace can you see clearly and sensibly through the trials of life. 
And in the midst of those trials, despite the pain and heartache, you still know it's going to be okay. 

Peace is when you decide you're not going to expend emotion where it's not necessary.
 Peace is deciding to hold your tongue when someone criticizes or insults you,
Peace is not stooping to the level of those who wrong you. 
Peace is not found in getting even or returning evil with evil.  

Peace is found when you cast all your cares upon your Creator, and leave it His hands. 

// 1 Peter 5:7
Casting all your care upon Him; for He cares for you.

// 1 Corinthians 14:33
For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace...

I don't know about you, but I am a seeker of peace. 
Being at peace is far more powerful than any other state of being.
And only the peace found in Jesus can truly suffice. 


  1. I wrote something like this a few weeks ago. :) I think especially around Christmas, everyone can get caught up in searching for a peace that doesn't exist. Jesus told his disciples that in him they would have peace, but he also said that in this world there would be trials and tribulations, so obviously they're not mutually exclusive. But I think a lot of people sadly miss that.

    Good post!