Friday, September 5, 2014

EnlightenedStateApparel Burnout Tanks {review + GIVEAWAY!}

Do you love to work out? (I know some of you may be laughing at that question, like, how on earth can somebody /love/ working out... well, hey, before you start rolling your eyes, take my word for it: it's totally possible!) Looking for lightweight, comfortable clothes to wear during your training sessions? Tired of looking bleh while you work up a sweat?
Okay, so whether you love working out or not, Enlightened State Apparel is an awesome Etsy shop. Not to mention, it will totally give what you're looking for if you answered yes to the above questions.  
Basically, ESA is a line of fun, sporty racer back tanks that are both lightweight and cute. They come in bright, pop-y colors that make you think energetic thoughts just looking at them. Oh, and they have motivational saying on the front. Nice, right?

 I was sent the Train the Same or Remain the Same Tank. Love that saying! And I really liked the color combo. Sadly, my pictures don't really capture the blue very well. Blegh. I apologize for the picture quality in general because it is so evidently lousyyy. Fact is, I've been ridiculously busy as of late and haven't had the time for writing up product reviews even though I'm very behind on them. But, please, don't mind my excuses.
 I ordered a bit bigger than necessary, anticipating something more form-fitting, which it wasn't. (If you buy something, just make sure you order your natural size, don't go a size higher in fear of it being too tight.) So it hangs a bit lower on my chest than I'd like, and is pretty baggy everywhere else. I can live with that though. It's not like it's something I'm going to wear to the conservatory or when teaching. It's a work-out shirt, and supposed to be comfortable for that reason. (The one condition here being that you can't really wear a regular bra with it and have it still be 'modest'. Time to whip out that sports bra!)
Well it definitely is comfortable!

Overall, I like this shirt, and in the Florida summer months it's truly perfect for a good long run in the sun.

Now for the exciting part.......what do we have next? You guessed it - a giveaway! That's right, it's no illusion!
 You can enter to win your very own ESA tank! You even get to pick which tank!

How nifty is that!? If I were you peeps, I'd be putting in as many entries as I could right now. So get hopping!


  1. Thanks for the giveaway, Leah! :D

  2. ...and I just LOVE the "Be YOU tiful" tanks <3 XD

  3. I always assume I will be engulfed in new found motivation for exercising once I have the new sneakers, a new fun program, and as much eagerness that goes into the planning . . . . never ever works that way, but one can hope and keep trying, right? :)

    Thank you for the giveaway, and I have a question: When you do giveaways like this are you sent items to review or do you pay for this all out-of-pocket?

    1. Abby, my best advice relating to the motivation is this: pick a plan, and get started on it right away! I've found the only way to constantly stay motivated is to make working out a solid part of my routine. After a while it starts to become habit, and then you begin missing it the days you miss your workout! Just don't give up! :) Even consider giving yourself little rewards now and then as you progress further.

      And, I'm sent the items to review for free. :)

  4. Oh! Forgot to mention which tank, I got a kick out of the Mascara and Muscles tank. :)

  5. I would love the "Refuse to Sink" tank!

  6. I would love the Check Meowt tank <3