Monday, January 28, 2013

5 EPIC Hybrid Orchestral Scores {MusicallyMindedMonday}

Who here shares my obsession with epic orchestral film scores? Anybody? If you do, you are officially an ally of mine. *grins* Well, okay, so I'll respect your music tastes better, at least.

Who doesn't love the adrenaline and energy in dramatic orchestral pieces? Who doesn't love that awesome feeling you get when listening to them...the one that makes you want to go run a thousand miles, take on the world single handed, and, not to mention, exercise your reserves of creativity?

I find that listening to film scores helps improve my focus in writing, drawing, or movie plot brainstorming. It also makes the entire experience in general a whole lot more epic!

There are many different types and genres within the genre of epic orchestral film score. It's kind of a peculiar, hard to describe genre already, unlike rock, alternative, jazz and country, which are all typically easily-identifiable.

Today I want to share with all you awesome peeps some of my newest favorites within the realm of hybrid epic orchestral.

What does the term "hybrid" mean in this sense? To my understanding and knowledge thus far, it is a combination of rock instruments, unusual/atypical sounding instruments/sound effects, and then of course the signature, dramatic aura of most every orchestral film score created. It will usually still have strings, as this is usually a prerequisite in orchestral work. Percussion is typically very heavy, and not your average drum set, either. You will hear a variety of different percussion sounds not heard in traditional orchestral work.

 It's a mix of modern and futuristic. Maybe that's why it's called hybrid.

No matter what you call it, I find it intensely epic. And perfect for a futuristic/modern film trailer.

Let's take a look at some examples, shall we?

 (Disclaimer: For some reason, epic orchestral film music on YouTube is usually paired with fantasy images which, most of the time, are grotesque, in my opinion, if not inappropriate or just plain ugly. I have no control over this, except to try and find the versions of the song which have images that are less disturbing. Just for the record, I would advise ignoring whatever image the video may have. Turn on the video player and then pull up a different screen. Besides, YouTube tends to hold a ton of crap in the comment sections, which, unless you don't mind excessive cussing and potty-mouthing, I would steer clear from reading.  You're only there for the music, anyway, right?)

1. "World On Fire" by Les Friction

I like the percussion style, and noises in the background which at the moment I cannot identify. :P This score is a current favorite of mine and I think it would be an awesome backing track for a Fugitive trailer. (my film company's upcoming feature film) My favorite part? 1:42 and on.

2. "Double Agent" by Phantom Power Music

This is another favorite. I can definetly picture this as potential for a Fugitive trailer score.

3. "Ignite the Revolution" by Cue Factory Music

Awesome percussion and bass.

4. "Indestructible" by 8 Dawn Music

Once again, love the percussion instruments used here.

5. "Buried Power" by 8 Dawn Music


Another great trailer score potential. Love the urgency in 1:15.

Whad'ya think? Do you have any favorite hybrid orchestral scores? I'd love to hear what they are!


  1. Hey!
    I personally know someone who makes music similar to this his youtube channel is trvd1 he has this style of music, techno and a lot of other stuff! It's really awesome! I listen to it when I write so I thought I would share! (and you also don't have to worry about the pics and coments an such :D )

    1. Hi Adriana, thanks for commenting and sharing!
      Ooh, is it Trevor DeMaere? I JUST discovered this guy. His techno-dubstep is beast. I've really been enjoying it.