Saturday, December 29, 2012

Smitten Fool

(A very random photo that has nothing to do with today's very random post)

I'd like to announce that I have now officially hit 70,000 words in my primary WIP, my favorite novel, and also the project I've been spending 4 years of my life on...The Rebels of Florida.

70,000 WORDS!!! *throws confetti* It's hard to believe, on one hand. On the other, it's rather rediculous to celebrate it, because...well, I've been working on this durned book since I was 12, and I would have liked to have finished it two years ago at 14. *Sigh* So if anything, I should be slapping myself for not having accomplished that goal. Oh well. The past is the past and what matters is now, right? I'm just happy to be making even the slightest bit of progress in this project.

To celebrate, I'll let you see a snippet of my most recent writings therein.

"That was when her heart stopped. She gasped, staring at the wagon sitting out in the front, parked alongside the road. It was a simple Conestoga frame, without the tarp roof attached. But the wagon itself was not what stopped Emma in her tracks.
In it, sat Mr. McIntosh…Silas’ father.
Great heavens, look at me. Agh, my hair, my dress…  Figures they would have to come on such a day…oh, drat!

Emma felt herself breaking into a nervous sweat, as she continued to stare involuntarily at the wagon like a smitten fool."

What did you think? I happen to particularly like the last sentence. It really fits Emma well.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful, blessed weekend!

Notice: All work, references and quotes from The Rebels of Florida are copyrighted by the author.


  1. Congrats on 70k words!!! Great job! That excerpt sounds awesome, too!

  2. Yay!! 70,000! My WIP is going nowhere at the moment. *Sighs*

    Sounds wonderful! :)

    1. Aw! Well, as I've seen, you only get out of it what you put into it. :P For most of the year I'd not worked on it at all. *shakes head*