Sunday, April 15, 2012

What's an Aspiring Christian Actress to Do?

Howdy y'alls. What's been happenin'? Not much? Well, for the time being, I am trying to solve an enigma of sorts and find a way to pursue one of my many thousand interests....
Just what might this be that could be such an predicament? For some, it wouldn't hardly be worth the bat of an eye. For some, there is no need for discussion because the opportunities lie smack-dab in front of them already.
Well, that doesn't seem to be the case for me. Unless there's a crop of opportunies that are so painfully obvious that I'm looking right over them. Or maybe they simply don't exist. I am inclined to believe the latter, at the moment. Not exactly pleased with that, but facts are facts. And "truth never dies." And "it doesn't matter what you believe; it matters what is true."
I want to act. Whether it be in a film, theatre production or skit, I desperate want to engage in this form of the arts. Desperately with a capitol "D".
Some of you may be saying, "But, Leah, don't you already have a little film company you can try your acting skills out in?"
Yes, I do. Glory Film Productions IS my film company. And, in a couple of our videos, I have participated as an actor. But, with a cast/crew that is mostly aged between 5 and 12, there isn't a whole lot typically that requires the part of a 16-year-old girl that looks more like 18 or 20. I mean, not without looking a bit awkward in one aspect or another. Some films, yes, it would work, but....overall, my position in GFP is administrator, director, and all the behind-the-scenes stuff. Not acting, typically. How I would love to say otherwise, because as you now know, I adore acting. I love directing and all that I do currently but acting would really put the icing on the cake.
So....what's my predicament with acting?

My issue is not just finding places to audition. Sure, there a number of somewhat-local (does 25-30 minutes away minimum constitute 'local'?) theatres in our area of the state. We've got a Civic Theatre in Ocala and a couple theatres in Gainesville. So what's the issue?

I am a Christian. A Christ-follower, and Child of the Most High God, YHWH. And there is a code of standards which I uphold, based upon what I believe to be honoring to the Lord.
There are things I will do, and things I won't do. And this is more a matter of what I won't do.

If you haven't noticed, the realm of theatre, acting and drama is a primarily-secular one. It is dominated by liberals, perverts, and athiests. There are lots of twisted people in Hollywood and Broadway. Unfortunate and sad as it is, (trust me, I take no pleasure in saying these things) it is the truth.

There are, indeed, an increasing number of Christian actors and actresses these days, which is encouraging. I myself hope to be one of these people.

What I am concerned about, is going in to audition for a play or performance and being required to perform something which may be ungodly or dishonoring to the Lord. Even if it's just the details in the immodestly low neckline, short skirt, or tight top.
Those things matter. I can't let my light shine if I'm jumping in on the darkness.
What if I were, indeed, cast for a character, and then I find later that this character must do something immoral? All too often, seductive forms of dance are mish-mashed in with theatre productions, especially musical theatre. Well, I can tell you this, there's no way at all I will take part in that.

Perhaps the problem could be solved, by turning to an alternative, finding a Christian theatre. (they do exist) Excellent idea! Now...*goes to google "Christian community theatre"*
*Looks through list of links*
*OOOOH, there's something! Christian Youth Theatre!! how cool is that! *clicks*
*Ah terrific, they have multiple locations. Uh oh....wait a sec....what's this? Yeah, they have a location in my state,'s 4-5 hours away from me. DRAT DRAT DRAT.*

This is my experience so far trying to locate Christian theatres in my state. Yes, indeed they do exist, and many are excellent institutions. The problem? None are anywhere near where I live.
Sorry, but a 2-5 hour drive back and forth just isn't going to work right now in this point of my life. Nope. Not at all. Dang it. Fiddlesticks. Burnt muffins. Shoot.

So what am I to do? Should I look more into the secular theatres, since they may indeed be all that is currently available to me?
There is, of course, the option of starting a chapter for CYT(Christian Youth Theatre) or another organization for this purpose, entirely fresh. Though we have already been considering starting a speech club for this region, and as we have been finding, recruiting people who are actually interested has been a severe challenge.

*Sigh*. So now what? What's a young, ambitious, aspiring Christian actress to do?
Pray, for now. Actually, pray the whole way through. That's what I'm doing, or trying my best to be doing. God is in control, and I am trusting that, if HE wants me to act, HE'LL find a way for me to do so. It's just a matter of waiting to hear His take, or see Him open some sort of door of opportunity.

Though I'm waiting very impatiently, I must admit. Patience....patience, Leah. Patience.
In the meantime, I'm practicing acting technique by acting out Robert Boyd Munger's "My Heart, Christ's Home." I saw a young lady act out this fine little volume at a girls' conference a couple years back, and it was excellent.

So that's what I've got for now. What say ye? I know I haven't written a blog post this long for ages....I'll stop yacking now.

Oh last thing though... in other news, you can now find my art on deviantART.
(check my profile out here --->

So that's it folks. Time to log off, for yours truly.

Annnddddd.....If you are aware of any Christian acting organizations, you know I would be deathly interested in hearing about them. ;) wink wink.

Have a blessed new week,


  1. I want to be an actress too. Very much so, but maybe not for a full career. I find it so much fun to act. But I have the same problem as you. I'm homeschooled and a Christian. (I live in Oklahoma. What state are you in?) Keep on making videos of your best acting and work on your skills I suppose. I know a funny boy who wants to be an actor too (and he looks like he'd be good at it too).

    1. Thanks for the comment, Writer4Christ! Well, I'm in FL. And I agree - I'd not want acting to be my full career, either. Just a side hobby thing, really. :P

  2. It has been my dream to become an actress:) If you could act in a Christian movie, than the gospel could be heard by a ton of people. Since everyone watches movies:)