Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Sickening Account...

I have a younger brother who is 5, this year he will be 6. This year, he will be in kindergarten. If he had been the one in this girl's situation, I would likely break down into tears and weep. That poor little girl.
You almost wonder if the teacher had any brains whatsoever. Do people realize that little kids' bodies are smaller, thus food travels through them more quickly and in result, they are constantly needing to use the bathroom?
Hey, I have 4 younger brothers. 3 of them are still at this stage of life where they are ALWAYS going to the toilet! It's reality and can't be altered. What was this teacher thinking, making a 6-year-old wait such a period with no bathroom breaks? *shakes head*

I am, once again, so incredibly thankful that my family homeschools. It is SUCH an incredible blessing. One of these days, I should do a blog post on that...."101 Reasons I Love Being Homeschooled." LOL that is actually not too bad of an idea. What say ye?

Well, time to sign off. Babysitting job tomorrow morning. And I have to get up EARLY. I am not an early morning person.



  1. Homeschooling is wonderful - I personally went through the public school system here in Australia, and I am SO incredibly thankful after that experience, that I am able to homeschool my children. The story you linked to in this post is horrible. Whatever happened to compassion and humane behaviour??

    By the way, I wanted to send you a message through facebook, but it seems they only allow you to send a message after you have become friends. Sorry about that - don't feel compelled to add me as a friend. What I wanted to say was that I LOVE your horse drawing - and I saw a few of your other drawings in your facebook album, and drawings you've done that Rachel Dixon has pinned on pinterest. As a fellow aspiring artist, I wanted to compliment you on your work. VERY nice! Do you have more artwork I could see? :)

    1. Thank-you for your comment, Clara! And thank-you for the facebook add and all the gracious compliments. :) I think you have seen my artwork album now on Facebook? :)