Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Haven't Dropped Off The Face of The Earth Just Yet

So it's 1:31 AM and to be honest, no words are really coming to my brain this instant. Maybe that's because I need to be in bed, sleeping, like a sensible individual.
Bah. I've never been a sensible individual, have I? Maybe one day, something will change.
One day.
 I haven't blogged in eons it feels, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Like, on one hand I feel bad about it; as if I've neglected a nice little thing that some people may have enjoyed reading. On the other hand, I've reasoned, it's just a blog, and I have more important things to do with my time than blog.  
No disrespect to you readers, if any of you are still out there following this craziness. Kudos to you guys for your delightful amount of loyalty and patience. You probably have way more than I do.

My life has been, needless to say, nothing short of a rollercoaster, as of late. I mean, it was always a rollercoaster in different variations and flavors, but this year? Most rollercoaster-y of them all. Seriously, so many unanticipated events. So many changes. So many struggles. Regrets. Joys. Thrills. And an incredible amount of grace extended to me by my Heavenly Father.
  • I met the most wonderful man in March. Then in June, he asked to court me. My parents said yes, I said yes, and here we are. Chris and I just had our six month 'anniversary', in fact! ^_^ He's a Godly spiritual leader, the spittin' image of a perfect gentleman, brilliantly intelligent, adorable, such a sweetheart and I just have to say, gosh, I love him. <3 (Okay okay, I'll stop being all mushy and gushy now.) Sometimes I still can't believe I actually have a boyfriend, because it happened so fast really. But I'm so thankful it did. I hope to spend the rest of my life with Chris.
  • I began studying at the Ocala Piano Conservatory, and never have I been challenged so greatly in my musical life. So thankful for this opportunity, because it has pushed me so much and I know it is bringing me closer to my goal, which is mastery of the piano. Grateful for the financial support of my grandparents, because without their generosity I wouldn't be able to enroll at this prestigious institution.
  • My piano teaching business took off! It's been awesome getting to teach as my main source of income.
  • I graduated from high school!
  • I completed my Creationist Worldview certificate program.
  • I began studying with the International Sport Sciences Association for my fitness trainer certification.
  • TROF got split in two. O_O Madness, madness. I won't recount the details now.
  • I did things I've never done before, and I'm still struggling to overcome their consequences. Struggling to overcome my emotional hurricanes, and struggling to constantly put my priorities where they should be: on Christ first.
So, short little recap there of the most major things this year, which I can think of at the moment. At least, the major stuff I hadn't talked about before. Or maybe I had...whatever. Anyways. There have been lots of little adventures this year! Maybe at the end of the month I'll try and do a full recap on everything.
Right now, I must depart. My brain is stupid to ignore the signals from my body which are demanding me to get some sleep for once!
I just wanted to check in and say that no, I haven't died. I'm still out there.
Oh and the BBC Sherlock series. <3 Oh, and Firefly. <3
Oh, and Reign is the stupidest thing to come into existence since....the last big stupid thing that came into existence. Don't watch it, if you value historical accuracy and good storywriting. You won't find either.
'Kay, bye.


  1. Sounds like you are having a crazy exciting hectic life!! A lot has been happening for me too, but not quite as much :)