Sunday, January 26, 2014

What Happened to Seventeen + Reenacting Adventures & Missing Hair

I don't know about y'all peeps, but January (for me) has already been full to the brim with excitement and amazing things.
Change. Growth.
Last Saturday, my best friends and I got to participate in our first Civil War reenactment.

It was a phenomenal weekend.
Friday night beforehand, I spent the night at Kay and Maygan's house to lessen the amount of driving the next day. We spent the last hours of the evening preparing for the next day - looking up accurate hairstyles on Pinterest, getting acquainted with driving directions, last minute outfit fixing/prep, etc.

Emma, the photographer for all the Friday night pictures.

You know you're a reenactor when this is what can be found in the living room...

And also ^^ this...

Experimenting with hairstyles. Being the only girl in my family, I will jump at a chance to play with/style peoples' hair.

And then of course, I also welcome a chance to have somebody else do my hair.

Kay is now officially my reenactment/event stylist. ^_^ Seriously, she has done some awesome stuff with my hair.

I just love my dress from Recollections!
Saturday morning was eventful. I was awoken promptly at 4:30 AM, after a night of peaceful sleep, and before that, long theological discussions with Maygan when we should have been asleep. Thankfully my friends are early risers, so we had plenty of time to get ready to leave.
The preparations took two hours. We ended up actually getting to Brooksville at around 9:30.

Brooksville, the location of this reenactment, is an hour and 20 minutes south of us. So this was the farthest I've ever driven. With our maps, common sense and God-given protection we got there all in one piece, and had only one instance of minor confusion on if we were on the right road or not.

The actual reenactment was incredible. We stayed for fourteen hours, and left around 11:45 in the night. What a day!

This was during the actual battle, when all the crowds showed up.

I loved getting to watch the battle. There's nothing like the sound of cannon and rifle-musket blanks going off everywhere, accompanied by the rousing drone of snare drums and fife melodies.
So many reenactors attended this event! 90% of them were Yankees, granted, but still. All the men in uniforms! In the beginning of the day us girls were just about the only females in proper attire for our age group, but as the day progressed more women and girls showed up and we didn't feel so...outnumbered.  Haha.

One of my favorite parts of the actual battle was the fife players and drummers. I would have loved to have that position!
Speaking of music, which is always our place at such events...
First off, it was frigid. Yeah, we Florida people don't know anything about true cold, but when you have a day in the early 40s it feels COLD. And we make a fuss about it.
On one hand, I love a nice nippy day. But when you're trying to play a stringed instrument in such weather, it proves difficult for all and sundry. The only thing that worked really well was our vocal harmonization. The bodhran sounded tinny, and Maygan's fiddle lacked depth. The guitar even felt shallow in sound, due to the dry air. But we managed. And I do think people enjoyed hearing us play. And that's all that matters.

I am thankful we had a few friends to meet up with during the day, to help us find places to put our instruments and such. Thanks to Jason and his family for being so helpful and accommodating!

One of the biggest highlights of the day was going to Chick-Fil-A in the evening during break to order dinner. Maygan, Kay and I all went inside with our dresses on and you should have seen the stares and gawking! A couple little girls walked by us and were grinning so big, pointing and whispering in amazement. I felt quite...hilarious while ordering my spicy chicken sandwich and milkshake, to say in the least. Hey, it's all an adventure!
It got especially crazy and amusing when all us girls (plus another friend who showed up later) trekked in the bathroom don't even want to try and imagine using porta-potties with huge crinolines on! O_O Plus, Maygan, Kay and Christin needed to change into their ball clothes.
We had a hilarious time being total girls and laughing our heads off about ridiculous things...I think we scared off a few people who started to walk in...I was being the loopiest, and laughing at random people as they opened the door. *sigh* For real, Saturday night? Only my best friends and family could put up with such crazy behavior that I displayed. Thankfully I pulled it together before the ball.
The ball itself was really fun! You could see your breath....eeeep. Did you think that was even possible for FL weather?! ;) A nice amount of dancing and trying not to make a fool of myself by tripping all over my crinoline.
Overall, I loved the whole experience. I felt that in that one day I matured a bit, because I was forced to hold a good deal of responsibility that normally isn't mine to bear since I'm not usually traveling and hour and a half away for the whole day.
I love reenacting because you really, truly do feel like you've stepped back 150 years in time. People act differently, and for the most part, they're a pleasure to be around. Men and boys act like gentlemen, for the most part. If you're a girl or woman, you're treated with respect and favor. Basically, treated the way you should be treated. Granted, there will always be those few guys you want to avoid because, well, erm...they're far from gentlemanly. But that's how it is with any scenario, reenacting or not.
To me, Saturday was euphoric. There were a couple things which threw wrinkles in the plans, but they were minor and trivial - certainly not big enough to affect my general opinion of the day!
I'm incredibly thankful to God that He protected and blessed us, and that we even had the opportunity to participate in this event. It was thoroughly amazing, and something I'll not ever forget. I was a little worried that I'd fall asleep at the end of the day driving us back, because I was just SO tired....but the Lord's traveling mercies were with us and we got back safe, thank God.
In other news, more new pages have turned - this time with my age.
That's right, I've had to bid farewell to sweet seventeen. It was a wonderful year and age, the best of my life. But all good things must come to an end.
Eighteen ushered itself in.
 I am now legally an adult.
What even happened. O_O

Got myself a fedora with some of my birthday money, and loving it! Such a classy hat!
On one hand, it's just a number. Maturity doesn't come with simply being (fill-in-the-blank-number).
Wisdom doesn't come from the amount of years you've existed on this earth. It's found by seeking God and following in Christ's footsteps, always living by His Word.
So on one hand, 18 is a daunting number, but it's also just that. A number.
I'm still going to make the most of it, just like all the other years.
I still feel it's pretty monumental. 18 years I've walked this planet.

So you probably noticed the new-do by now... and yes, with the new year came a new hairstyle.
The last time I had my bangs cut was when I was 9. And they looked horrific. Ever since then I'd avoided them like the plague, in fear that history would be repeated.
But something crazy spurred me a few weeks ago to want to change up my look and try something different, so here I am!
I loveths them.
Anyway, so now y'all have been filled in on the most recent happening of my fabulous little life.
Hopefully I didn't deter you with all the run on sentences and rambling!
It's been a while since I spent so long on a blog post. O.o
Soli Deo Gloria,


  1. Ah! That sounds like so much fun. I would love to go to a re-enactment one day... providing I could find the proper attire. It looks like you had a blast.

    And the bangs are adorable. And eighteen. Yikes. That's coming up for me too... but I agree with the 17 being an amazing year part!

    ~ Bethany

  2. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. I love your new look, I have never been able to pull off bangs.

  3. Oooooooooh, so much fun! Happy late birthday! (I hate bangs, but yours look lovely.)

    I was so cold down here! When you can see your breath in Florida, you know something's gone awry. Bet you were glad for the big old skirts! :)

  4. Hey Leah :D

    Sounds like a lot of fun, loved your dress!!!!

    Hey I was wondering could you write a new lullaby soon something really sweet and soothing, I love lullabys and you're so good at writing songs :)

    You don't have to do it but I just thought I'd ask :)

    Your Friend

    1. Thank you Sarah!! Aw, well, I haven't been writing much music lately but I could certainly try to make something. ;) The main issue right now is that I have no way to professionally record anything.

  5. Looks like so much fun!
    You all looked beautiful, I wish I could have gone!

  6. Ha! Another Reenacter! I am a Confederate Ordinance Sergeant for my reenacting group here in Arizona. We also do Revolutionary War stuff, and I just came back this weekend from a Rev War reenactment. I normally do patriot Militia, but this time was I was strait continental line.
    Where are you at in the country?

    1. Thanks for commenting! And yay! It's always awesome to meet other reenactors - especially if they're professing Christians. I'm in Florida!

    2. Ho! Way out there - shootin yanks and riding gators! :D