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{Character Interviews } Amanda Wikoff's Zenon

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Well folks, I know I skipped last week's WriterlyWednesday post, which you'll have to forgive me for; but during this time of year I'm sure y'all will be able to empathize with me when I say these three words. MY, TIME FLIES!
Also, the schedule keeps getting crazier and crazier. I think this is just natural for December.
Anyhoo! Time for another character interview. Today we have one from Amanda Wikoff.
Handing it over to Amanda now, so give her and her charrie a warm welcome!
I’m interviewing Zenon, my MMC from my NaNoNovel. He really has no idea what’s going on as he’s not the detail oriented one. Lyssia listened to the instructions; Zenon not so much. ;)
What’s one cool thing about the world you come from?
Well, I’ve not really had anything to compare it to. It’s not special to anyone here anymore but I’m not really sure what it’s like where you’re from so I’ll just say it. Some people have powers; some would call it magic, though that term is frowned upon. Our people fear these powers and our history shows a good reason to; though I’m positive it could be used for good were it not outlawed. It seems as if only Lyssia still has the ability to do magic but we have been told there is another.
What does your bedroom look like?
My ceiling is the stars and my walls the air around me. I could have a home with brick walls and a stifling ceiling but I prefer to sleep under the canopy of the sky. It’s much more romantic that way, don’t you think?
Describe your personality.
My personality? I guess the best way to say it is that I like to be independent, though it gets me in trouble more often than not.
Describe your physical appearance.
Blonde hair, blue eyes. Not too different from the little Avanreili boys I’ve met. Most of the time our hair turns dark when we come of age but mine’s still the same old blonde it’s always been. I’ve got a pointy nose and my hair is unruly in the kindest of terms.
Are you an introvert or extrovert?
I’ve never heard those words before but I’ve just been informed of their meanings. I’d suppose that I’m an ext—no! It’s the other one. Definitely the other one, though I can’t remember what the word is. Where do you get those words anyway?
Do you approve of how your author treats you?
I suppose it’s alright though I do wish she wouldn’t harm my loved ones so much. I’d rather have all her wrath focused on me. That’d be far less painful than seeing everyone else hurt.
Do you have any physical or mental abnormalities/illnesses?  
I’m sure Eliza wouldn’t hesitate to tell you that I do but nothing has been medically proven or anything.
What do you think about right before falling asleep at night?
That’s a good question and the honest answer is I don’t remember. You know when you get an idea before falling asleep and when you wake up you can’t remember what it was? It’s quite like that I suppose. Though if I had to guess I would probably say I think about what the next day will hold.
You’re bored, and all you have is a blank piece of paper and pencil. What happens?
I’d sketch some inanimate object. It’d be the very first thing I saw and absolutely no thought would go into it. It would come out entirely better than anything I’ve ever put effort into and I would be left wondering how that happens.
Most prized possession?
My friends? I’d give anything to keep them safe, so I suppose they’re what I value above all else.
Hunting is the hobby that’s been forced upon me. I don’t ever want to do it but when I get out there it’s actually quite relaxing.
One little known fact about yourself?
Let’s see… Something not many people know, correct? Oh! How about the fact that I belong to a race of people who despise me? I’m not actually Avanreili, though that’s where my father is from. My mother is Penthmessain, a race we didn’t know existed till not too long ago, and we just happen to be at war with them. But that’s a long story that we shouldn’t get into.
What’s something you really like about yourself?
That’s an odd question. I don’t generally think about my virtues. I guess my favorite thing about myself is that I can be independent, though it’s also one of my largest faults.
Do you have any special skills, talents or abilities?
Actually I’m quite inadequate. So inadequate in fact that I’m not sure how I’ve survived on my own this long. It must be the good Lord’s doing ‘cause it certainly isn’t my own.”
Would you go skydiving if you could? 
I assume you mean cliff jumping. That’s like diving into the sky. I think I would, if I could work up the courage. Lyssia went once and she said it was terrifying but I think it’d be exhilarating.
Check out Zenon's author's blog, here!
And...if you have a character you'd like interviewed, shoot me a note in the comments! Have a blessed Wednesday, y'all!


  1. Great post Zenon sounds like an interesting guy. I'd love for you to interview my character, Saber.

    1. Email me at and we'll set up an interview. :)

  2. Such a cool post! Zenon sounds like a very interesting character :D

    and I'd love for you to interview one of my charries (if you got the time ;) )

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