Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hammered Dulcimer Addictions + Everyday Blessings

My most recent sketch, which I titled "Classical."

Did I ever tell y'alls how much I am suddenly addicted to bluegrass? Did I ever mention how recently I came to be utterly obsessed with hammered dulcimers?

Here is one of the hammered dulcimer performances I am currently addicted to. It all started a couple days ago when a friend from church gave us some CDs of hammered dulcimer music. Oh.my.gosh. Can somebody say heavenly?!?!

I am thoroughly infatuated with the instrument now. If ANYBODY knows of a good one for sale...I needn't say more. *wink* Let's just say I will be forever in your gratitude if you happen to have one you wouldn't mind parting with. ;)

Besides that being my most recent obsession? Today was an awesome day. Really, it was. It was one of the most productive days I have had in a little while now.

 | Got schoolwork done that was lonngggggg overdue. | Kept chores and meal-making under control. | Started teaching my 2nd youngest brother to play guitar. | Worked in the 2nd garden plot behond the house which is a desolate patch of dirt right now than anything else. It USED to be lush, rich soil. But after months of neglect, that changed. |  Got to have lovely chats on the phone with some dear friends who live out of state and I haven't had the chance to talk with for AGES. | Got to fool around a bit on the piano! I'm not going to say I 'practiced' because I don't think the time I spent is worthy of that title. It was mainy just working on some of my own compositions and fooling around with creating some random new melodies. I get so sidetracked when I am playing the piano. One moment, I'll be working on a specific piece and the next I'm fiddling up some tune entirely different and of its own. | I continue to thrive on my insanity. | God is SOOOOOO good to me. I am soooo thankful to Him for all that He has done for me. <3

So. Today was a fabulous day. I forgot to mention, we have a new dog. His name? Diesel. Yes, Diesel. Hey, it wasn't my idea. :P He is who he is.

And I got to do another sketch at dinner. Hope y'all like it!



  1. Wow, love that drawing. You did the shading so well. Great job!

    I love bluegrass music as well, that's why I started playing the mandolin. I think the dulcimer would be awesome to learn!

  2. Thank you Elizabeth!
    Ooo, mandolin! I love mandos although they confuse me to death. O_O How long have you been playing?