Friday, August 10, 2012


Staring. Stares. Incessant stares. Gazes which last far longer than we knew they could possibly last. These are the sort which, especially from the opposite gender, can be most despiseable. Ugh.
You ever get where there are just some people who you want to say to, "keep your eyes to yourself, please?" It would be nice if that could be done in a nice, decent way.

By Leah K. Oxendine

I sit here, defenseless, powerless,
Unable to make you cease
You’re captivated with me
Wish I could make you stop

You pierce me with your eyes,
You penetrate, I despise
Wishing I could take your stare
And push it far away from me elsewhere

You make my insides crawl
You drive me up the wall
You know it ain’t polite?
When you watch me like a hawk
When will you learn to stop?

I probably shouldn’t care
I try to make myself forget
What’s a little incessant stare, they say
What’s a little gaze that never ends?

Stop devouring me with your gaze
You’ll never win my heart this way
I’m not an exhibit for you to examine
So wishing I could take your stare
And push it far away, elsewhere.


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