Thursday, October 4, 2018

Silba Body and Skincare - New Skincare Products! {review}

Happy October! Even though I have been caught up in a whirlwind of unexpected life changes, I have still been receiving a few things to review for you guys on this blog.

Remember Silba Body and Skincare? Earlier this year, I wrote a review on their amazing facial care line of products. Earlier this summer, they released a newly updated line of body care products, too! And guess what, yes! That’s what I’ll be talking about today!

I was sent a Sri Lankan Lemongrass Body oil, a Neroli Blossom body oil, a Bulgarian Lavender Aloe Spray, and a Sri Lankan Aloe Spray, as well as three body butter soufflés – a Bulgarian Lavender, Sri Lankan lemongrass, and a Rosemary & Sage.

All of these products are top notch when it comes to quality. They feature natural ingredients that are safe for many different skin types. And everything is made in Palm Springs, California.
Starting with the body oils: my favorite is definitely the Neroli Blossom scent. It is lightly sweet and floral, and not overpowering in any way. Perfect if you tend to enjoy floral based scents or milder scents.

The sri lankan lemongrass body oil is a little stronger in scent, and accurately captures the summer-reminiscent aroma of lemongrass.

Both body oils are wonderful for gently hydrating the skin and replenishing skin cells with nourishment and love. They don’t feel greasy at all, and a little bit goes a long way. So buy yourself a bottle and get ready to be pampered for a while!

The aloe sprays are awesome if you need a little spritz of moisture on a hot day without feeling overwhelmed with a bunch of heavy lotions. My favorite is the Bulgarian lavender. It is a true lavender scent and smells like the actual essential oil, not just the cheap imitations in products at the typical grocery store. Once again, for these sprays, a little goes a long way!  I even used them after going to the beach and getting a little sunburned. With the healing power of aloe, it was helpful for soothing my rather toasted skin.

Finally, on to the body butter soufflés. First of all, doesn’t that wording sound scrumptious? As soon as I saw these products go on the website I knew I had to try them at some point!

Of the three scents/editions, my favorite is yet again the Bulgarian lavender. Just like with the aloe spray, the scent of lavender is captured accurately and delectably. The sri lankan lemongrass is also fresh and true to scent, just as with its matching aloe spray. The rosemary  & sage is a little different to me than any other lotion or body butter I’ve sampled. Perhaps it is because I’m used to cooking with both herbs instead of using them on my body…? It’s definitely a unique combination.  It smells great, don’t get me wrong! And if you like the somewhat earthy, rustic scents of rosemary and sage, you will love this one for sure.

As to consistency and product quality, the body butter soufflés are basically like a high quality body lotion. You don’t need very much at one time, as it is fairly concentrated. Once again, more bang for your buck, right? These body butters feel soft and luxurious against your skin and will leave you feeling moisturized for hours.

It’s always a pleasure doing reviews for Silba Body and Skincare. Please check out their amazing website today and let me know what your favorite product is from their selection! 

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