One of my greatest passions is the pianoforte. I have been playing seriously since the age of 12 and have thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. (pretty much, anyways!)

God has blessed me with the ability, proper education and materials to learn and play piano to the best of my ability, and my goal is to master the piano in its entirety, rising to the highest level of knowledge and expertise in it that the Lord allows. I want to follow 1 Corinthians 10:31 in everything I do, and especially in piano. I aim and strive to glorify Him through my music, and point others to Him in the process.

I have performed/played piano at multiple venues and events within the last 4 years, including at various hotel lobbies, churches, various outdoor festivals, in people's homes, and in church praise bands. I have served as church pianist for Sunday services at both a home church and Baptist church, and have also been the keyboardist/pianist for a southern rock style Christian band and church praise team, as well as back-up vocalist.

I have taught lessons to seniors, teens, tweens and young children alike.  Age doesn't bother me unless the child is under 6, or too young to care about practicing. I demand nothing less than complete commitment from my students, which means at least 5 days a week of practice, depending on the skill level, more for older students.

 I have been teaching piano ever since I was 14 years old.  

My method of teaching is to instill strong sight reading skills in my students as well as to train and polish their by-ear/improv playing. I'm a firm believer in both practices, and that neither should be abandoned or neglected. Both can bring immense joy in one's musical journey.
Rates are as follows:
30 minute lesson: $20
1 hour lesson: $35

For my complete rules & syllabus, please leave a comment or email me.
I am also available to play at events/festivals/weddings. I do ask that you provide at least 3-4 months notice, however, with what music you would like, (unless you would rather me prepare a program of my own choices, which I can certainly do) so that I can make sure my schedule is open and that I have adequate time to work on your pieces.

My specialty is arranging and composing. I can take hymns, traditional, modern, and film scores etc. and rework them into unique pieces of art for the ears. My style of playing is graceful and poignant. I have excellent people skills and love performing!

I have a portable weighted-key Casio Privia electric keyboard which sounds exactly like a regular, tuned grand piano; so if you are unable to provide a piano at your venue I am more than willing to bring my Privia. It has a lovely, rich tone and is a joy to play.

Here is the official Facebook page for my music endeavors.
If you would like to hear some of my music I've recorded in the past, please visit my Youtube channel here:
Or, you could just stay on this page and listen to a couple songs right here!

"Apriorian Lore" - Original composition

"Unspoken" - Original composition

"Pursuit of the Dragon" - Original composition

"Marred Legacy" - Original composition

"May It Be" - Enya

"Here I Am" - Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron

"Only Time" - Enya

"Banishing Fear" - Original composition

"Chariots of Fire" -Vangelis

"Be Unto Your Name" - Contemporary Christian
 Please contact me if you would like to discuss potential lessons or booking live music, at my email here.


Southern Lights is a folk music band featuring my good friends Maygan Bamberg, Mikalia Flood and myself.
Maygan, Kay and I have a passion for making music and glorifying God through our music.

Maygan and I have been playing together for almost 3 years now. Our siblings have joined us on several occasions, and recently Mikalia has been accompanying at events.

 What instruments we typically play:
Leah Oxendine: Accordion, guitar, ukulele, bodhran, vocals.
Maygan Bamberg: Fiddle/violin, guitar, vocals, penny-whistle.
Mikalia Flood: Flute, vocals.
What genres we perform:
- Historical/1860's
 We are available to perform at most any event/venue in North Central Florida if given prior notice and adequate information. Donations and tips are accepted and appreciated.

So far we have played at:
  • 5th Annual Farmland Preservation Festival in McIntosh, 2012, FL
  • Friendship Baptist Church in Reddick, FL
  • Micanopy Fall Harvest Festival, 2012, in Micanopy, FL
  • McIntosh 1890's Day Festival, 2012, in McIntosh FL
  •  Ocali Country Days 2012 in Silver Springs, FL
  • 2012 Independence Day Celebration in Reddick FL
  • November 2012 Rock the Block in Reddick FL
  • A Ft. McCoy church potlock/gathering
  • Coon Hollo Christmas 2012, McIntosh FL
  • Christian music club, Sparr, FL
  • Reddick BBQ Festival 2013, Reddick, FL
  • Ocali Country Days 2013 in Silver Springs, FL
  • McIntosh 1890's Day Festival 2013, McIntosh, FL
  • Deerfield Farm Cane Grind 2013, Shiloh, FL
  • Brooksville Raid Civil War Reenactment 2014 in Brooksville, FL
  • Battle of Olustee Civil War Reenactment 2014 in Olustee, FL
  • Nature Coast Civil War Reenactment 2014 in Williston, FL
  • Fort King Historic site grand opening 2014, Ocala, FL
  • Battle of Gainesville reenactment 2014, Gainesville, FL

  • Nature Coast Civil War Reenactment 2015, Williston, FL
    A historic Confederate cavalryman's funeral, 2015.
  • Fort King fundraisers, 2015, Ocala, FL 

Want a VERY small sampling of our style? Here's a recording from the very first time Maygan and I performed together. We have grown and expanded our skills vastly since this video, but since we haven't devoted the time to recording another, well, this is our "sample-music" for now.

If you would like to get more information or have us come play at your event, please contact me.

-Matthew 5:16-


  1. I listened to all of them! I utterly ADORE piano compositions! I"m going to start piano lessons this fall, and am SUPER, SUPER, SUPER excited about it! I especially liked Banishing Fear, and Be Unto Your Name. But all of them were simply beautiful!

    1. Wonderful - how exciting! I hope the lessons go great for you! Thanks for commenting, and for the sweet compliments!

  2. Leah you're so talented! These are beautiful. Do you mind me asking what you used to record these? All my recordings seem to turnout fuzzy.

    1. I was blessed to be able to use my neighbor's electric keyboard to record.